Magic Celebrity Commercial – Now I’m Just Pandering to the Internet

(Editor’s Note: Look, if you don’t know what’s going on after the first picture there’s nothing I can do for you; stop reading the post. If I didn’t get your favorite in here, I apologize, there might be a follow-up. – MtGCP)


MARK ROSEWATER, KEN NAGLE, ELAINE CHASE are all sitting at a table in a conference room staring at a blue curtain that has been set up for a presentation. The three can hear hushed voices behind the curtain, but can’t understand them.

Listen, Ken. I’m really liking your new set, Worldwake. All of us are proud for you for what you did, especially for the first time leading a set.

Well, I’m really proud of it myself.

And I find it a little endearing that you want to kind of take over everything for this set including preview cards and advertising…

Hey, as head of Magic Brand, he’s made my job a easier.

But why do you want to go with these guys when we already have?

Well, I have a friend from California who’s friend said to give these guys a chance. They come from a different background and they have some new ideas and how we can market ourselves differently. Apparently, one of them’s really into Magic.

Alright, we’ll give them a chance. At least it’s not those two idiots this time.

I never got to meet them.

Count yourself lucky.

They look at the curtain and see a hand sneak out from behind it. It presses play on the CD player and the room is filled with a horn intro. The three look a little confused.

Wow, I haven’t heard this song in forever. I can’t quite remember it’s name…

After the drum intro, the song goes into its chorus and a man rips open the curtain and jumps out. He’s got cards in each one of his hands, a knife in his mouth and dancing spasticly to the music. The three WotC employees are in horror.

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Monthly Mailbag – Yo Dawg, I Herd You Like Domains

Original text was TL;DR

Welcome to December’s Mailbag. Even though I’m “taking a break” to create more articles for this blog, I’m still going write (as evidenced by 99edhproblem). I wanted to do a mailbag and give you guys an update about what’s going on. Somehow, I think this card sums it up perfectly. Before we get into some questions, here’s some news that some of you will be excited about:

Domain (no, not the Mechanic)

First and foremost, I actually bought the domain names for both MtGColorPie and 99EDHProblems. Now, you can go directly to these sites (making it easier to remember) or use the links you’ve previously been using. This is important for one reason: you know I’ll continue writing. I wouldn’t have wasted my hard earned cash buying something I’ll never use (puts towel over HD-DVD player).

99EDH is not meant to be a blog of mine, but a blog of everyone who plays EDH. So, while 99% of the time I’ll write the posts here, I want you guys to write for the EDH blog. It launched one month ago and had over 6,000 views in 30 days I’m not saying that’s a low or high number ’cause honestly, I don’t know (I don’t want to be vain, but that’s what the first month’s numbers were). All I’m saying is that people want their EDH, and you can be a part of that. Interested? Click here.

Also, I like the layout of the blog over there a bit better then this one. This is a little tired looking and I think it may be time for a change. Expect something different by the end of the year (not to freak you guys out, but this is the last month of the decade).

Lotus Cobra is Evil

Some of you might have noticed that the comic didn’t show up Sunday. Yeah, my bad. Travel day for me and I thought about it on the plane. It will return next Sunday.

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