Magic Cinema – Eldrazibusters

Ghostbusters Poster

I’ve got two major passions in my life: movies and Magic. Sometimes they combine. This is one of those times. I apologize to any Vorthos that may see any canon that is off here. But as far as I know, this is a completely true story that I know totally happened like this.


There have been unconfirmed sightings of the mythical beings known as Eldrazi seen all over the plane of Zendikar destroying the landscape. Cultures on Zendikar worshiped them as Gods for thousands of years until their release a few years ago. Now, four Planeswalkers are on Zendikar to stop these giant beings. Ob Nixilis, a former demon Planeswalker, is trying to prevent this group from completing their mission. The dragon Planeswalker Ugin, who has just awoken from his slumber, is in his old cave, the Eye of Ugin, trying to save the plane from the mysterious destruction that is taking place.


The great dragon Planeswalker UGIN is talking to a collection of his best minds in front of a map of Zendikar.

I’ve got a plane blowing up and you guys are not giving me any answers.

We’re checking Akoum The Roil, Tazeem…

A GOBLIN enters the room and cuts him off.

The Planeswalkers are here, Mr. Ugin.

The Planeswalkers, okay, the Planeswalkers.

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The Video That Wasn’t – M:TG:GP:ST:GR

If you follow me on Twitter (and you should (@MTGColorPie)), you knew that I was down at Grand Prix: Seattle Tacoma this past Saturday. Being more of a casual guy, I don’t hang around at this places all that often. It was my second time at a Grand Prix; the first one was last time a Grand Prix was at Seattle with Old Extended (2005).

Seven years ago, wow.

Anyway, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to attend Day Two of the Grand Prix even though I theoretically had a chance (the format was Sealed). I still wanted to go down and hang out, but I thought about I putting together another video. It seems like I do one every year or so (My Card Kingdom Interview at NPH Release using my iPad2, My Duel Deck: Phyrexian vs the Coalition with the old Gathering Magic’s Reinhart (I miss ya buddy)) and this would be a great time to do another one before the baby comes.

But what was I going to film about? I didn’t want to do another coverage video, so I started brainstorming some ideas. After Kornman and Holt’s fantastic video at Worlds in San Francisco with MaRo, I knew that it was more acceptable to do more sketch comedy at large events. I first came across to make “Sportscenter” type ads where they are a little off center and show a little “slice of life” of Magic. Such ideas included Trick Jarrett telling Mark Rosewater that the feedback from the internet is that they was more cat cards, Rules Manager Matt Tabak playing a game where he changes all of the card texts to help him win the game. The issue with them is that you have to be knowledgeable about the topic (how many of you how don’t follow sports don’t get many of those references in the Sportscenter ads?).

Eventually when I was brainstorming I had the following image in my head: “Coming this summer, the most action packed movie you’ve ever seen” and it cuts to people playing cards quietly. From there I went to write up a fake parody trailer about the GP. It pokes fun at trying to shoot non-visually interesting Magic competitions (believe me, there’s not that much great action unless you force it), while concurrently parodying Hasbro’s love of making everyone of their properties into an action movie. Continue reading “The Video That Wasn’t – M:TG:GP:ST:GR”

Lotus Cobra is Evil – Redirect

Sixten explains:

“The Innovator” is the nickname of Pro Tour Magic player and renowned deck designer, Patrick Chapin.

He is known for saying, “You want the truth? Jace the Mind Sculptor is the truth. Everything else just helps you win.”

Chapin gets his own LCiE comic; I think my head just exploded.

Last panel refers to the last LCiE.

Lotus Cobra is Evil – A.D. 2101

Due to the Fourth of July being on a Sunday, this LCiE is appearing on Saturday. So you don’t get your Sunday morning comics but Saturday morning cartoons.

If you’re on the internet (which most likely you are since you’re reading this, if not, how?) you most likely have heard of this meme. If not, go here. As always, the art of Lotus Cobra is Evil is done by the talented Sixten.

That middle Jace? That’s the Japanese Jace vs Chandra Duel Deck manga alternate art. Hot? Hot.