Lotus Cobra is Evil – Redirect

Sixten explains:

“The Innovator” is the nickname of Pro Tour Magic player and renowned deck designer, Patrick Chapin.

He is known for saying, “You want the truth? Jace the Mind Sculptor is the truth. Everything else just helps you win.”

Chapin gets his own LCiE comic; I think my head just exploded.

Last panel refers to the last LCiE.

Lotus Cobra is Evil – A.D. 2101

Due to the Fourth of July being on a Sunday, this LCiE is appearing on Saturday. So you don’t get your Sunday morning comics but Saturday morning cartoons.

If you’re on the internet (which most likely you are since you’re reading this, if not, how?) you most likely have heard of this meme. If not, go here. As always, the art of Lotus Cobra is Evil is done by the talented Sixten.

That middle Jace? That’s the Japanese Jace vs Chandra Duel Deck manga alternate art. Hot? Hot.

The Superfriends are The Legion of Doom

That's the Legion of Doom headquarters for all you young whippersnappers out there.
Thanks to Evan Erwin for letting me use his image


It seems like a bad Jay Leno joke: “Hey, have you seen the price of Mythics lately? It’s like Wizards of the Coast decided that they were going to print money instead of cards!” Ha! Good one, Jay.

This hasn’t been the first time I’ve taken a look at Mythics (where I predicted that three Zendikar Mythics would be over $10 a piece), and most likely it won’t be the last. Now that we have two full blocks and a Core Set printed with the Mythic rarity, we can revisit a look at why Mythics are spinning out of control in price. Besides discussing on how to beat Jund, the rising cost of Mythics have been one of the hot topics of Magic lately. Paying $70 of a single card in Standard? Aren’t you glad there’s a Reserved List to protect such cards from losing their value in the future?

What, the Reserved List doesn’t cover cards in the past 10 years? Oh. Ignore that last sentence then.

The most recent hot deck in Standard right now is a deck called “Superfriends” which includes 4 planeswalkers (i.e. the Superfriends). Taking down the evil known as Jund, these 4 superheroes were supposed to usher in the new metagame where we aren’t supposed to be afraid of that evil deck. But to summon these superheroes to fight you have to bring the cash money.

Magic the Gathering Links for this WeekElspeth is $40 a piece.

Gideon is $50 a piece.

Jace is $70 a piece.

They aren’t superheroes but mercenaries for hire.

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Rise of the Eldrazi but Was Afraid to Ask

Whoa, this is the first of March; why are we looking at a set that’s two months away? Wasn’t Worldwake released like three weeks ago?

Oh, yeah, spoiler.

As captured by Gatheringmagic.com so nicely, Dailymtg spoiled this card on March 1st (click the link, it’s worth it), so it’s all fair game to talk about. Now that we have to wait until April 17th to hold this card in the Rise of the Eldrazi pre-release, we might as well talk endlessly about it. And of course, we’ll answer every question that’s going on through your mind.

So, what’s going on here?

What we have here is the first official spoiler card for Rise of the Eldrazi. Gleaming information from this and Eye of Ugin, we can actually get a good idea of the set.

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