You Can’t Always Get What You Want: The Lack of a Decktype

Oh no, my Angels!

Rosterbation is a term that I learned from the great Seattle Mariner’s blog USSMariner (couldn’t find it’s true origin). When talking about dream lineups and rotations and trading players the term gets thrown around a lot in comments and forums (as well as the verb “Stop Rosterbating”). The ability to make the dream roster using whatever players there are in the game is something that passes through the mind of almost any sports fan and engages in great conversations. It’s not a bad thing, and in fact can be a healthy from time to time.

Magic has it’s own semi-related term: “Magical Christmasland” as coined by Brian David-Marshall (@Top8Games) (or Michael Jacob). It presents what the best situation is to get the most explosive opening hand draw. If your deck worked exactly like this every time it would be unstoppable. Of course, with Magic there is randomization and the very real possibility that you may never get a hand like that. When players are looking at new cards for the first time, it’s always the Magical Christmasland situation that gets people up in arms about how good a card actually is. It’s the hope that drives people to play those decks for the one time it does work.

Rosterbation is about what you would love to have but can’t get for a set of something while Magical Christmasland is the order that you would prefer it to be. There is cross-over in both areas: In baseball you want your lead-off guys to get on and your 3 & 4 hitters to drive them home (Magical Christmasland).

Today I’m going to talk about the other side: rosterbation for Magic. No, it’s not about acquiring cards that you need to build a deck, but having access to the cards needed to build it. Confused? Well answer me this: can you build a reanimator deck in Standard at this current time: (SHA, CON, REB, M10, ZEN, WWK)?

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Hangin’ with Mr. Mind Sculptor

Sure, only 2 packs, but awesome
Sure, only 2 packs, but awesome

(Editor’s Note: multiple images in this post. Sorry dial-upers)

Oh Mark Curry, where did you go?

This past weekend was the Worldwake prerelease. I had fun, met a few friends and fellow bloggers, as well as got something so awesome done, everyone who saw it cried intently at its beauty (they should’ve sent a poet). Oh, yeah I played some cards as well.

I met up with fellow bloggers They had decided to come out to the 6:30 am flight to get done early and go in another flight or do whatever crazy people do when they want to do a 6:30 am flight. I got there around 10ish, signed up for my flight, and found Reinhart in the middle of one of his matches. After being a ninja, we decided that we would meet up for an EDH game between rounds.

(Awesome aside) I was called to my flight and I was seated next to Brian David-Marshall (@top8games). I don’t know if you’ve heard about him; I guess he writes for a little website called “” and has done a couple of other things. Whatever. I introduced myself to him earlier when I spotted him earlier registering for a flight and boom, sitting right next to him. While we opened packs, he showed me what he opened. He needed some basic land so we traded some (I asked him to sign an island he did, which was really nice of him). We played a couple quick games waiting for our round to be called, and unsurprisingly he beat me both times with his awesomeness. (/aside)

After round 2 (where I was 2-0), I caught up with the GatheringMagic guys again and we started to play a little EDH. There were complaints that they need sunglasses because my cards were all foil. After it was pointed out by someone actually paying attention to the game that Reinhart had an illegal land in play (one that made another color besides his General), we all complained that the game was tainted. We were forced to move our game because another flight that needed the table space and I my next round was about to start. We departed our ways (Leaf and Reinhart left because they got there at 6:30 am, and I had my next round), agreeing that we would defeat each other next time.

My prize winnings for going 2-1-1 was 2 packs. In the second pack (as you can see above) was a Jace. That’s right, the card that’s pre-ordering for $50. Getting a Jace was an awesome experience; I was high-fiving people and some of the other players came and saw their first real life Jace. The look on their face when they saw it was pretty cool. I bragged to GathteringMagic, displaying my winnings. He wanted to trade his 4-0 flight for my Jace (which I think is in some violation of the DCI on so many levels), then when I refused, he called me out. Multiple times.

Well, this post is for you, Reinhart.

Reinhart is obsessed with Jace; it’s actually pretty sad, he’s got a tramp stamp with Jace’s face on it. So, after the GatheringMagic’s guys left, giving me a bad time about having to go finish my flight, it was sweet to open one of these. When I awoke the next morning, I found my Jace missing from my card box. I looked everywhere for it, thinking I might have left it at the pre-release, but then I saw something moving on my table. It was Jace.

He was moving.

Apprently, this new Planeswalker is so powerful, he can do anything.

I took some photos of Jace exploring his new surroundings. Let’s follow him.

Jace is showing his former self who's boss.

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Monthly Mailbag – Yo Dawg, I Herd You Like Domains

Original text was TL;DR

Welcome to December’s Mailbag. Even though I’m “taking a break” to create more articles for this blog, I’m still going write (as evidenced by 99edhproblem). I wanted to do a mailbag and give you guys an update about what’s going on. Somehow, I think this card sums it up perfectly. Before we get into some questions, here’s some news that some of you will be excited about:

Domain (no, not the Mechanic)

First and foremost, I actually bought the domain names for both MtGColorPie and 99EDHProblems. Now, you can go directly to these sites (making it easier to remember) or use the links you’ve previously been using. This is important for one reason: you know I’ll continue writing. I wouldn’t have wasted my hard earned cash buying something I’ll never use (puts towel over HD-DVD player).

99EDH is not meant to be a blog of mine, but a blog of everyone who plays EDH. So, while 99% of the time I’ll write the posts here, I want you guys to write for the EDH blog. It launched one month ago and had over 6,000 views in 30 days I’m not saying that’s a low or high number ’cause honestly, I don’t know (I don’t want to be vain, but that’s what the first month’s numbers were). All I’m saying is that people want their EDH, and you can be a part of that. Interested? Click here.

Also, I like the layout of the blog over there a bit better then this one. This is a little tired looking and I think it may be time for a change. Expect something different by the end of the year (not to freak you guys out, but this is the last month of the decade).

Lotus Cobra is Evil

Some of you might have noticed that the comic didn’t show up Sunday. Yeah, my bad. Travel day for me and I thought about it on the plane. It will return next Sunday.

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