Monthly Mailbag – Yo Dawg, I Herd You Like Domains

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Welcome to December’s Mailbag. Even though I’m “taking a break” to create more articles for this blog, I’m still going write (as evidenced by 99edhproblem). I wanted to do a mailbag and give you guys an update about what’s going on. Somehow, I think this card sums it up perfectly. Before we get into some questions, here’s some news that some of you will be excited about:

Domain (no, not the Mechanic)

First and foremost, I actually bought the domain names for both MtGColorPie and 99EDHProblems. Now, you can go directly to these sites (making it easier to remember) or use the links you’ve previously been using. This is important for one reason: you know I’ll continue writing. I wouldn’t have wasted my hard earned cash buying something I’ll never use (puts towel over HD-DVD player).

99EDH is not meant to be a blog of mine, but a blog of everyone who plays EDH. So, while 99% of the time I’ll write the posts here, I want you guys to write for the EDH blog. It launched one month ago and had over 6,000 views in 30 days I’m not saying that’s a low or high number ’cause honestly, I don’t know (I don’t want to be vain, but that’s what the first month’s numbers were). All I’m saying is that people want their EDH, and you can be a part of that. Interested? Click here.

Also, I like the layout of the blog over there a bit better then this one. This is a little tired looking and I think it may be time for a change. Expect something different by the end of the year (not to freak you guys out, but this is the last month of the decade).

Lotus Cobra is Evil

Some of you might have noticed that the comic didn’t show up Sunday. Yeah, my bad. Travel day for me and I thought about it on the plane. It will return next Sunday.

Now, on to the questions:

#EDH Where do you see EDH in 3 years, 5 years, 10 years – another lost, foregone forgotten fantastically fun format? – @the_stybs

Hey everyone, it’s everyone’s favorite Serious Fun columnist Adam Styborski! Asking a question like this will always get you a favorable mention on my site (winks, smiles, takes $20 from Adam).

Anywho, you’re talking about a format that is now growing in popularity and maybe getting too big for it’s britches (that’s a topic for the EDH blog sometime). At the moment, I can’t see why this format would go away. People love to draft Cube, and have for years. I really hope this doesn’t get picked up on the Pro Tour, then the Spikes would take over the format (not that we don’t know anything about Spikes). While I’m not saying that Spikes will ruin the format, it will just take a different direction then it’s going now.

Magic is getting close to 20 years old, so to predict where EDH will go in half that time is a little uncomfortable with me. 10 years ago, we didn’t have the Inter-block design concept, we didn’t have Mythic Rarity, we didn’t have amazingly good Generals. There hasn’t been a storyline that has gone more than 2 years during this span (save the introduced Planeswalkers which are starting to make it happen). Going to predict how a format is going to do in 10 years (or even 3 years) is a little funny (see the changes that happened to Legacy, Extended). I still think there needs to be a few kinks ironed out in this format (Off-color Generals being one thing), but I think this has the staying power to be a lasting format. As long as there are Generals, there are ways to get people introduced into this format (and introduce people to it, if you don’t, that’s how formats die off).

Not Worldwake (Rise of the Eldrazi), but still awesome

What do you want to see in Worldwake that probably won’t happen? And what will we see that you don’t want to happen? – @cikesef

Please note: I do not know what’s going to happen in Worldwake. Really. (And while we’re on here, unless a card has been spoiled by official outlets, I won’t talk about them here. It’s not my job to help rumor mongering)

The issue that Wizards has had a problem with lately has been the three set block (don’t worry, this will make sense in a moment). For the past two out of three years, we’ve been given blocks with only 2 sets. They say that sometimes it’s hard to get an idea to go for more then 2 sets and the third one has always been a little light on the mechanics from the large set at the beginning of the block.

During the Lorywn/Shadowmoor block, Wizards created two opposite worlds and two opposite sets within each block; Lowrywn/Morningtide was creature type/class and Shadowmoor/Eventide was friendly/enemy hybrid. While it’s been mentioned that this third set in this block is going to fit in with the world it’s going to have it’s own mechanics (and non-extended art land, remember that kids!). Much like Coldsnap, but hopefully so much better.

Worldwake might seem like the perfect place to do a mirror image of Zendikar, it’s actually going to be much more complex then that. You’re going to see themes continue on being used that were introduced in Zendikar. Vampires will have more “10 life matters” cards, Allies will still continue to be printed and then that’s that “Kicker without ____” tease MaRo’s been going on about.

But that still doesn’t answer your question. I want to see Landfall do something other then make tokens or make something bigger. How about a static effect that gets turned off when Landfall triggers:

Autumn Landfall – 2WW
You have Shroud
Landfall – Whenever a land enters the battlefield under your control, you can be the target of spells and abilities controlled by target player as though you didn’t have shroud.

Alright, the wording’s a little off due to you can’t target yourself, but that’s a much different idea then what’s been done so far with Landfall. Will there be new twists with this awesome mechanic? Sure, there might be a basic landfall, but that’s the obvious way to go. I want a cycle of cards that turn Magic deck designer’s heads and think for a moment, “How can we really abuse this?” I want there to be a U/B/G legend for my EDH deck I’m building (Vorlash doesn’t cut it at the moment). I want there to be better reanimation cards (Liliana Vess and Rise from the Grave are the only two cards in Standard at the moment). I want Ruination to come back and really push mono-colored decks (But Wizards won’t do that because they don’t create things that ruin their block theme). I want Solemn Simulacrum to return. I want decent card draw!

Wizards won’t do any of that. You’ll see Allies (meh), and you’ll see man-lands (not as much meh), and you’ll see kicker get used and people will talk about it, but you won’t see it being used in very many decks. White will still have bi-polar and half of the cards will be weenie while the other half are control cards. There will be a keyword mechanic that will be good for linear deck building but not see much play outside that.

But, truthfully, I think this will be a great set. Why? Worldwake is Ken Nagle’s first set as lead design. He was a finalist in the first (there’s more coming, right MaRo?) Great Designer Search. This was a guy who was like you or me, and won a contest and is now living the dream. Being plucked from the minors and is now up to bat in the World Series with the season on the line. If you follow him on Twitter (@NorrYtt) or have talked to him, you know he’s really passionate and wants to make this right. I want to believe everything will be good because he believes it will be.

Will all of those things happen? Maybe, maybe not. Zendikar was not a set where you could tell what the “twist” for the next set was going to be. Will they pull a Legions and make every card land? No, but I think it would be funny for the first week of previews, that’s all people previewed were lands. Make people sweat a little bit.

That’s it for this month. @Juzamjedi had a very good question that I’ll modify for a post sometime. That’s right, it’s been upgraded to post status. Have a good week everyone.

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