Lotus Cobra is Evil – Redirect

Sixten explains:

“The Innovator” is the nickname of Pro Tour Magic player and renowned deck designer, Patrick Chapin.

He is known for saying, “You want the truth? Jace the Mind Sculptor is the truth. Everything else just helps you win.”

Chapin gets his own LCiE comic; I think my head just exploded.

Last panel refers to the last LCiE.

Lotus Cobra is Evil – A.D. 2101

Due to the Fourth of July being on a Sunday, this LCiE is appearing on Saturday. So you don’t get your Sunday morning comics but Saturday morning cartoons.

If you’re on the internet (which most likely you are since you’re reading this, if not, how?) you most likely have heard of this meme. If not, go here. As always, the art of Lotus Cobra is Evil is done by the talented Sixten.

That middle Jace? That’s the Japanese Jace vs Chandra Duel Deck manga alternate art. Hot? Hot.

Lotus Cobra is Evil – Lotus Cobra is Still Evil

For people who don’t know, I met Sixten online and asked him if I could post his comics on my site. He and I never met and it was always an online thing. That is, until yesterday at the Rise of the Eldrazi pre-release in Seattle where we met for the first time. He tracked me down and we met during one of my flights. I was so happy to met him and asked him to do something for me. He drew his Nissa one on the Planeswalker I had.


Now, onto today’s comic.

Lotus Cobra is Evil – Finale

I hate to say this, but the comic has reached its finale; like all good things, this too shall come to an end.

Last week was the last new Lotus Cobra is Evil and here are the two Christmas comics that go in their rightful place. Instead of letting it end last week, I wanted to show it in its entirety with the poetic bookmark ending and its proper place in the order of the comic.

Life has focused Sixten’s attention elsewhere and I wish him all the luck in the world. It was an honor hosting his comic and as long as I have this blog (No end in sight), I will continue to do so (links to all the comics here).

Sixten said this about LciE:

Thanks to everyone who enjoyed Lotus Cobra is Evil during its short, 14-strip run…You made this all worth it.

No, thank you.

So, here’s the final two comics for Lotus Cobra is Evil (As always, and will be done by the amazing talent of HouseofSixten.com)

Next Sunday? I finally sell out and get sponsors. You won’t believe who I got.