Lotus Cobra is Evil

This is the permanent home and index for the Lotus Cobra is Evil comic here on MTGColorPie. All credit for the comic goes to Sixten (website: HouseofSixten.com)

  1. Dark Origination
  2. What’s Your Favorite Zendikar Card
  3. Nissa Fantasy IX
  4. Their Twilight Campaign is Easy to Explain
  5. Green with Envy
  6. Failure to Communicate
  7. Distracting the Guards
  8. Take Me Seriously
  9. Oh Deer
  10. Exile
  11. Humiliation
  12. Journey to Nowhere
  13. Secret Elven Tech (Christmas post)
  14. Magical Christmasland (Season 1 ending post)
  15. Sweet Dreams are Made of These
  16. Lotus Cobra is Still Evil
  17. Angel Beats
  18. -12
  19. It All Makes Sense Now
  20. A.D. 2021
  21. The Lion King
  22. So I Married Primeval Titan…
  23. Enemy Colors
  24. Redirect
  25. Rock On
  26. Love and Hate
  27. Admission Requirements
  28. Choose Your Faction
  29. It’s Not Embarrassing If It’s True
  30. Replaced
  31. Balance

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