After MaRo – Remember Sammy Jankins

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Editor’s Note: After MaRo used to be a column I wrote whose contents were a conversation with Magic guru Mark Rosewater. Yeah, it’s back.

(Picking up the phone) Hello, Wizards of the Coast.

Yes, Mark Rosewater please.

May I ask who’s calling?

Robby, from; he’ll know who I am.

One moment. (Puts Robby on hold, soft jazz version of Smooth Operator plays)


(Mark Rosewater) I fooled you.

I know you did, sir.

I got you good. I even got one of your dumb little hashtags you use.

Well, yeah, I guess.

You see this?

No, I’m on the telephone.

I’m doing the Funky Duckman dance. (Singing) You thrust your pelvis, huh! You thrust your pelvis, huh!

Yeah, well, you shouldn’t be too happy with yourself about that.

(Beat) What? You’re on the page saying that you had read the article, and even joking that you had memorized my articles.

Yeah, yeah, I made a fool of myself and it fit perfectly into your hands. But you’re giving yourself too much credit.

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Slice of Pie – No Arcane for You!

I know I've seen you somewhere

Arcane was a type of spell that first debuted in Champions of Kamigawa. It was a closed mechanic that was supposed to represent the “Spirit World” Magic which is different than “Magic” Magic and for the first time gave instants and sorceries sub-types. The down fall is that they can’t be reprinted unless Arcane is reprinted, but that was only a block mechanic. While I said that I wish that Arcane was revisited, it looks like Wizards is taking spells that were Arcane only and now making functional reprints without that subtype.

So, just for fun, let’s take a look at all Arcane spells without Splice, and see if they can be, or already are, reprinted. In alphabetical order: Continue reading “Slice of Pie – No Arcane for You!”

Friday Afternoon Fun – Things Tom LaPille Has Told Me

Mr. LaPille

At the Seattle M11 Prerelease, I was talking with some of the employees of Wizards of the Coast and I brought up the whole “Sixth color is coming to Magic” thread from MTGSalvation. All of the guys started laughing and saying that sometimes people read too much into things. If you don’t know how it started, one person looked at the art for Time Reversal before the card was spoiled and said “Hey, there are six colored planets (one for each color and purple) on this art and MaRo tweeted that a future set will have players the opportunity to draft something they’ve never been able to. That must mean Purple is coming to Magic!” It’s a very fun thread to read about how some people do read too much into things.

Well, the conversation went from there to how Mana Leak in M11 was spoiled by WotC employee Mr. Tom LaPille at Grand Prix DC. But there was a problem:

Rumors of my presence at Grand Prix Washington: DC are greatly exaggerated.

– Tom LaPille


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