Wake Me Up Before You Go Go (What is This? A Format for Ants?)

Current state of Extended


Editor’s Note: The format has to be at least, three times bigger than this!

There’s a scene in the movie Zoolander (right here for your convenience) where main character Derek Zoolander gets depressed about losing Male Model of the year to Hansel (He’s so hot right now). His male model roommate friends try to cheer him up by getting him a Orange Mocha Farppacino, which does the trick. They’re driving around in a Jeep bopping their heads to Wham!, not having a care in the world because everything is awesome.

They stop at a gas station to refuel and from there a water fight breaks out using the gas station squeegees. Zoolander gets distracted, as male models tend to do, and goes to look at something while the rest of the guys escalate the playful fight to include the gasoline hoses and blissfully spray gas on each other. One of them decides it’s time for a smoke break, lights up and blows up the other friends, but leaves Zoolander safe.

That’s just what happened to Extended, symbolically.

After losing popularity to the newer, hotter format (Legacy), Extended played around with gasoline (fast combo decks). Suddenly, we learned that if there’s anything that this horrible tragedy can teach us is that a format’s life is a precious precious commodity. Just because it has a turn 2 20/20 and “infinite” 1/1 flying tokens, it doesn’t mean that they too can’t not die in a freak gasoline fight accident.

Once again the Magic world has been blown apart by Wizards. If you didn’t see the Banned and Restricted lists for June 18th, you can take a look. Here’s a summary if you don’t want to read the whole thing:

As of July 1st, All sets Mirrodin through Coldsnap will be rotated out of Extended. This is Mirrodin block, Kamagawa block, and Ravnica block including Coldsnap and 9th Edition. The rotation will now be every 4 years instead of the previous 7. This means that when Scars of Mirrodin is released, Time Spiral Block and 10th Edition will rotate out of Extended.

Also banned: Sword of the Meek and Hypergenesis.

I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!

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Special Preview – From the Vault: Relics – Full List

This, and 14 other cards in From the Vault: Relics

Editor’s Note: Obviously the internet is quick. No sooner had both Evan Erwin and I put up our stuff than people figured it out. Yes, this is an April Fool’s Day joke. If you spell out the new cards in a anagram you get APRIL FOOLS. It was a harmless joke. I do not know the actual list of cards, but I’ll leave this up for your pleasure. I also feel ashamed that I forgot that Ring of Gix was on the Reserved List, my fault. By why is there an echoing Icy Manipulator on the Reserved… you know what, doesn’t matter.

Click here to go to Evan’s video.

If you’ve been following me on Twitter (listen, this is getting old. I know some of you aren’t doing it and I hate using that line as an intro, so just do it already), you know that I received something and had some big news. Since I know you can read, and most likely saw the title, there’s really no more surprise. Somebody, somewhere, decided to be nice and send me a list of card titles for the From the Vault: Relics set. How do I know it’s the real thing? Let’s just say that it was pretty convincing.

No more messing around, let’s get to the list and what we know. FtV:R has 15 cards, and we already knew 4 of them which were spoiled by that whole Reserved List mess.

This left us with 11 unknown cards, 1 of them from the new block that we now know as Scars of Mirrodin. Until today. While I’ll tell you the name of the Scars card, I wasn’t given privy to know what it actually does. To make it on this list however, must mean it’s pretty awesome. With the four cards already known, those are chase cards in any set, especially in a FtV collection, so expecting to have the rest of the cards be like those is pretty fool-hearty. Yes, there are some good cards in (infact, they’re all good cards), but the ones above are most likely going to be your gold mine.

Save for one.

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