Lotus Cobra is Evil – Rock On

Sixten graces us once again with a new LCiE. It’s been one year for his comic and I wish to congratulate him on this achievement. I am very proud to show Sixten’s work and am so glad the Magic community has taken to it as well. I constantly get asked when there’s going to be a new comic and it is the most popular feature here on this blog.

Without further adu, the comic:

After PAX – The After Party to the After Party

Volkan Bega, doing art for every powerful artifact now.


So PAX has come and gone and new spoilers for Scars of Mirrodin have been, um spoiled (I was notified that WotC doesn’t call them spoilers, but previews). But besides the awesome party and the new cards, I was fortunate enough to talk to several WotC employees. If you had been following my Twitter feed like I suggested (@mtgcolorpie), you would’ve read what some of the higher ups thought about the new set.

Luckily, for those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter will see a majority of those quotes here as well. This is not going to be a review of PAX nor the party (both really good times), but what I thought about certain things and who I talked to and what they said.

Please note: I am not a journalist. I’m not like Bill Stark and my life isn’t based reporting news so I don’t want to get quotes wrong. While I don’t want to misquote people, so I’m going to do it form the twitter quotes earlier. The short interviews I conducted throughout the day and the night will be told in brief here. If any of the parties feels I misunderstood or twisted their words please feel free to contact me and I’ll correct it.

I also want to thank my many readers and followers on twitter, without them, I don’t think that I would’ve been able to get some of the responses out of these great people. I want to thank them too for being so nice to allow me to talk to them. Of course, every time I’ve interacted with them they’ve been nothing but nice and helpful, and not just me but to everyone they’ve talked to when I watch. It may be just me, but I seriously doubt it’s an act.

To the recap!

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Slice of Pie – The Nature of All Things Green


There’s something interesting thing going on with the color Green. This color has always hated artifacts (Yes, even early in Magic history). But, with the first few cards released for Scars of Mirrodin, you can see something really weird:

Really? Green working with artifacts? I mean, a keyword that wants you to have more artifacts, in Green? This is like Dogs and Cats living together. What’s going on?

Green really loves all things natural; nature is king. If anything is unnatural Green wants it destroyed. Artifacts are unnatural so Green should have a ton of fun destroying everything on a planet made of metal. But that’s the issue, everything is metal.

What we think of as nature on this Earth is much different than on Mirrodin. Metal/artifacts are natural there, so the Green beings on that planet are going to be much more in tune with the artifacts on that plane than on ours. These two Green creatures are embracing the nature of their planet, so that fits in completely.

While Green will always have spells to get rid of non-creatures on the battlefield, I imagine that there might be a decrease in that over the next year or so. While the Phyrexians are trying to make everything perfect, I can see them be the enemies of Green for the block. After all, making something perfect is unnatural. So while all the counters are floating around, don’t be too surprised to see Green not get in on a whole lot of fun.

This is been a mostly preemptive strike at people who start complaining about Green.

Cool Stuff Inc Presents: Odds and Ends

TGotD2 Winner: @Twinblaze2


I’ve got some things that I’m bunching together, hence the second part of the title of Odds and Ends.

All of today’s words are sponsored by the website: Cool Stuff Inc.

Alright, not all of the words, but a good portion of them.

It’s like people only do these things because they can get paid. And that’s just really sad.

In the brilliant comedic movie Wayne’s World, there’s a scene where Wayne and Garth talk about having to do plugs for products, which they plug products ironically. Doing what they loved and now getting paid for it means they have to plug certain things and compromising their ideals to make sure it was profitable and didn’t offend anyone.

While I may not be Wayne nor Garth, I’ve pointed out before that I have no advertisers on this blog; it’s a personal choice that I do this (and 99EDH.com) for the love of the game. It was after I said that that I was approached by several websites who sell Magic product (and I think a dating one) to advertise on this site. I turned them down (and still do) because I want to write what I want on here without sponsors going “Really?” From fake conversations with Mark Rosewater to having Aaron Forsythe channel his inner Alec Baldwin, to just meeting and playing against really nice people, I want to control what content gets written on my blog.

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