Slice of Pie – No Arcane for You!

I know I've seen you somewhere

Arcane was a type of spell that first debuted in Champions of Kamigawa. It was a closed mechanic that was supposed to represent the “Spirit World” Magic which is different than “Magic” Magic and for the first time gave instants and sorceries sub-types. The down fall is that they can’t be reprinted unless Arcane is reprinted, but that was only a block mechanic. While I said that I wish that Arcane was revisited, it looks like Wizards is taking spells that were Arcane only and now making functional reprints without that subtype.

So, just for fun, let’s take a look at all Arcane spells without Splice, and see if they can be, or already are, reprinted. In alphabetical order:

That’s a pretty extensive list with cards already reprinted (or even preprinted) that are also not Arcane. Is Wizards taking the easy way out by printing almost the exact same cards? How do you feel about Functional Reprints?

Listen, it gives deck builders more options to put in their decks. It also adds variations to cards; just because they printed a card that said “Target player discards 2 cards” doesn’t mean they’re never going to print another card with those words ever again. While M10 kinda soured that pool of Functional Reprints, I don’t think that people care too much about them being common or uncommon, it’s the Rares that get players up in arms about them.

So don’t be surprised if you open a pack of Scars of Mirrodin and you have a card of something you’ve seen before with something missing.

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