Slice of Pie – No Arcane for You!

I know I've seen you somewhere

Arcane was a type of spell that first debuted in Champions of Kamigawa. It was a closed mechanic that was supposed to represent the “Spirit World” Magic which is different than “Magic” Magic and for the first time gave instants and sorceries sub-types. The down fall is that they can’t be reprinted unless Arcane is reprinted, but that was only a block mechanic. While I said that I wish that Arcane was revisited, it looks like Wizards is taking spells that were Arcane only and now making functional reprints without that subtype.

So, just for fun, let’s take a look at all Arcane spells without Splice, and see if they can be, or already are, reprinted. In alphabetical order: Continue reading “Slice of Pie – No Arcane for You!”