Lotus Cobra is Evil – Humiliation

Thanks to a mention on Bennie Smith’s article on Star City Games, Lotus Cobra is Evil was viewed several thousand times this past weekend. For those of you who’ve enjoyed these comics, be sure to visit the artist’s website: houseofsixten.com.

Lotus Cobra is Evil x2 – Secret Elven Tech & Magical Christmasland

As a special Christmas treat, you get two Lotus Cobra is Evil comics. Both of them are Christmas themed (do they celebrate this holiday in the multiverse? Sure, why not.) so it would be silly to do these in order and when it’s not the season. If you don’t celebrate this holiday, think of it as a end of the year gift (as always, credit goes to houseofsixten.com)

Happy Holidays everyone.

Lotus Cobra is Evil – Twilight Campaign

Sorry for the delay for today’s delay in the comic. I thought I had written the correct date, but I didn’t. Time to watch Sesame Street again. If you don’t hum a song after reading the comic, I don’t want to be your friend anymore. (For more of sixten’s comics, visit sixten.com)

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