Uncle’s Games Invitational Contest – You Make the Maze Runner

UnclesGamesLogoYou want to play in the Uncle’s Games Summer Invitational? If course you do. And now, here’s your chance.

If you don’t know the full story, Uncle’s Games here in the Seattle area has decided to hold a 16 person tournament on August 17th. You have to win a separate tournament to get into this Invitational and spaces are filling up quickly. I have been offered to give out one of the Invitational spaces. So here is my contest and even if you don’t live in the Seattle area, you can still participate and win something.

I know that some of you were passionate about the “You Make the Card” contest that WotC had recently. Well, we’re going to do that here, only with a twist.

Here’s your assignment:

At the last moment, WotC’s R&D has decided that each of the Dragon’s Maze legendary “Maze Runners” that were going to print won’t work. Each of the Legends has something wrong with them. All of the art has been commissioned and the names have been locked it so there can’t be any change there. You need to choose one Guild and the existing Maze Runner and redesign it.

What you can change:

  • Casting Cost (They still need to have their two Guild colors)
  • Text Box (What the card does/Flavor text)
  • Power/Toughness

What you cannot change:

  • Name
  • Art
  • Guild they represent
  • Creature type
  • Rarity

Yes, it’s a “You Make the Maze Runner” contest.

What we’re looking for:

A representation of what you believe would be a better Maze Runner. Their current wording may not work with what the Vorthos flavor says, their ability may not be what you thought it would be, or you just have an awesome idea of what you believe the Maze Runner should be.


  • Just because you can change something doesn’t mean you need to.
  • Stick with the identity of the Guild.
  • Use the Guild keyword or an ability that interacts well with the Guild.
  • Don’t forget about the Commander format.
  • Every other card in Dragon’s Maze stays the same.

I know that a good majority of you out there have ideas of what you would’ve liked to have seen print. Well, now’s your chance. Here’s what you have to do:

  • Email “UnclesMaze@gmail.com”
  • Subject – [Guild] Uncle’s Games Entry
  • Body – Card Name – Casting Cost
    Card Text
    Any extra text you want to add to explain your card.
    Your name

The contest starts now and runs until Sunday, July 21st at Midnight (PST). We’re only going to count your first entry, so make it good. We shall let you know We are going to select a winning entry from each Guild and put them up against each other. That’s right, there will be 10 finalists.

This is where the rest of the internet comes in. We’ll put the entries on Facebook and the one with the most “Likes” will be our winner. Why should you vote on Facebook? We’re going to randomly select someone who voted to win a Magic 2014 Fat Pack AND a Duels of the Planeswalker 2014 game on the system of your choice OR a draft pack of Return to Ravnica Block or M14 on MTGO.

Everyone got it? Redesign a Dragon’s Maze “Maze Runner”, email the design to UnclesMaze@gmail.com, and wait. If you have any questions, you can send that email address a question, tweet me – @mtgcolorpie, or leave a comment down below.

Good luck, everyone. I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with. Here’s the Uncle’s Games page with the rest of the Invitational.

Uncle’s Games Summer Invitational Announcement



We’ll get to the YMTC and the updates to Slivers in future posts.

I walked into my local game store, Uncle’s Games, and was asked if I wanted to be part of something cool. Of course, I do, doesn’t everybody? I was told that the game store is announcing its first ever Summer Invitational. This was cool.

It looks like at the moment that it will semi-represent the old Invitationals that WotC used to do with the pro players (here’s coverage of the 2005 Invitational). Uncle’s decided that it would be a tournament of 16 people, where everyone would get an invite through different means. Some of the people would be invited from their Bellevue (Washington) store, others from their Redmond (Washington) store.

It would all culminate on August 17th where the winner gets 4 copies of From the Vault: Exiled. You know FtV: Exiled, right? Balance, Beserk, Channel, Gifts Ungiven, Goblin Lackey, Kird Ape, Lotus Petal, Mystical Tutor, Necropotence, Sensei’s Divining Top, Serendib Efreet, Skullclamp, Strip Mine, Tinker, and Trinisphere. Basically a nice Vintage/Legacy/Commander/Cube starter pack of awesome cards. A playset of them (for those of you keeping track at home). Plus more prizes will be announced as we get closer to the event.

I nodded my head, “Yeah, I like this. How do people get an invite?” Continue reading “Uncle’s Games Summer Invitational Announcement”