Lotus Cobra is Evil – Sorin, Lord of Innistrad

The always wonderful Sixten has been a little busy lately and I know the feeling. He’s got some LCiE that I haven’t put up on here yet, and I keep meaning to do it. So I’ll post the most recent one and post the back logged ones in the upcoming weeks.

Today, Sixten looks at What Sorin has done on Innistrad and what it really means for Sorin.


2 thoughts on “Lotus Cobra is Evil – Sorin, Lord of Innistrad”

  1. If we go with MTGS’s “Zendikar vamps as Indians” theory, Sorin was originally a deconstruction of the Karl May archetype; if you’re not familiar, Karl May was a German author who wrote over nine thousand Westerns, each of them with a Gary Stu in them. He’s still popular in Germany, amazingly enough.

    All the Zendikar weenie vamps were amazingly playable (and Lacerator could rip apart an infect deck), with Hexmage being an obligatory sideboard card against Jace, and Vampire Nighthawk is one of the most expensive uncommons I’ve seen in a while that doesn’t say “If you don’t see this as an insane counterspell, I have some bad news.” By contrast, Sorin 1 says

    +2: Kill something so weak, you can Black Sun’s Zenith or Dismember or Bolt it easier.
    -3: Increase your opponent’s life total to 10.
    -8: Come on, you could’ve played Mindslaver by now.

    In Innistrad, though, Sorin doesn’t have the same context, so he gets to join Ajani (twice), Garruk, Jace, Elspeth, and Koth in the “i’m at four mana, GG?” crowd. Hexmage can still kill him, though.

  2. Ahaha nice! It’s good to see some more MtG lols out there, especially in the form of comics. It’s this untapped vein in the MtG community.

    I actually just finished making a comic about Sorin for my own blog, but I had a slightly different idea for his backstory… 😛
    ( you can check it out here: http://nyxathidgoestotown.wordpress.com/2012/03/25/derp-ascension/)

    Congratulations on reposting this. And I’ve totally checked out the author/artist and the rest of their work 😉

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