Lotus Cobra is Evil – Sorin, Lord of Innistrad

The always wonderful Sixten has been a little busy lately and I know the feeling. He’s got some LCiE that I haven’t put up on here yet, and I keep meaning to do it. So I’ll post the most recent one and post the back logged ones in the upcoming weeks.

Today, Sixten looks at What Sorin has done on Innistrad and what it really means for Sorin.

Lotus Cobra is Evil – Clash of the Titans

That’s right everyone! Your favorite Magic webcomic is back! Sixten has been busy working on a non-MTG comic book (which you can pre-order right here), but has started to draw LCiE again. Some more great news after the comic.

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I’m dubbing this week: “Return of Content” Week. It’s like Shark week, but most likely not as cool (Come on, Sharks are way badass). As you might have read from my last post, I’ve been a little distracted as of late. But I haven’t stepped away from Magic, just my writing time as been shrunk while we get ready for our new addition. I’ve got a ton of new content I want to get to.

The goal is a new post everyday this week between here, 99EDHProblems.com and GatheringMagic.com. That’s the goal and I’ll do my best to get it to work. On Friday, I’ll debut a new project that I’ve been working on for several months that will…

…well, let’s wait until then.

So Lotus Cobra is Evil starts Return of Content Week. I’d say that’s always a good thing.

Lotus Cobra is Evil – Replaced

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, it’s a new Lotus Cobra is Evil. This time, Sixten takes a look at the possible new M12 Planeswalkers. I’m sure you’ve seen that image, right? Well, someone else noticed it too. And she’s pissed.

Lose Hope is funny because it can be played in the same deck as Liliana.

Alright, I’ll show myself out.