The Wild Side of Gaming Teaser

I love movies. The action, the adventure, the larger than life characters. I try to sneak movie references into whatever I do. In fact, most of you know that considering my last post was about the failed movie trailer I was going to shoot at GP SeaTac. Honestly I hate the new trend of making previews for trailers, so this is only going to be a one time thing.

Finally having a little free time, I’ve been able to get the footage together and start to piece it together on how I want to tell that story. The brilliant idea that my filming assistant for the day, Adam Morrison (@morrisonad), stumbled across was to make it like a nature documentary after seeing players flock back and fourth between their seat assignment and their seats like a bunch of birds; it’s actually pretty funny.

The video is going to be a parody of nature documentaries at a GP. The goal is to have fun at being a spectator at one of these events like you were Jane Goodall; like the central joke of the teaser is to point out that if you don’t know what’s going on, Magic is a really slow activity to watch (and to film/edit). I’m aiming to have fun with the game and the venue, not at the players.

So here’s the “commercial-like” teaser trailer for the video as if it were a TV show documentary. A little bit of a stretch between TV and movies, but if Martin Scorsese can do it, anyone can. The real video will be out sometime in April, but no date as of yet.

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