Lotus Cobra is Evil – Choose Your Faction

And now, part two. (Of course, I realize that this comic will be above the other one. If you haven’t read the one before this, please go back and read that comic first).

As always, Sixten:

9 thoughts on “Lotus Cobra is Evil – Choose Your Faction”

  1. I really like this strip counter! XD
    Please make a tons of this!!!
    Merry X’mas and Happy New Year!!! ^__-

  2. I like how the guitar is the Phyrexian emblem. For those who can’t see it, look at the second or fourth frame and turn the image or your head sideways. Circle with a vertical line through it.

  3. Touhou FTW! Prismriver Sisters = Metalcraft? I guess they have three instruments, so why not! I guess the girl with the doll is Alice? At first I thought she was a moe re-imagining of Sheoldred or Elesh Norn.

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