Lotus Cobra is Evil – It All Makes Sense Now

StarCityGames columnist Bennie Smith wrote a few weeks about about a comic idea that would be funny to see (it’s a the bottom of the link). He asked me about it and I got a hold of Sixten to see if he could do it. While he wasn’t able to do the actual comic (he was having a problem with making it look foily), he did this instead. Yes, that is actually Bennie Smith in the comic. If you came here from Bennie’s post this week, here is the full size comic. Thanks Bennie for including Sixten and I in your work; you’re aweome.

(For those who are wondering, I don’t think Sixten will take any more requests to put themselves in a comic. If you read Bennie’s suggestion, he wasn’t even in the comic, it was all Sixten’s idea.)

As always, credit goes to Sixten.


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