Lotus Cobra is Evil – It All Makes Sense Now

StarCityGames columnist Bennie Smith wrote a few weeks about about a comic idea that would be funny to see (it’s a the bottom of the link). He asked me about it and I got a hold of Sixten to see if he could do it. While he wasn’t able to do the actual comic (he was having a problem with making it look foily), he did this instead. Yes, that is actually Bennie Smith in the comic. If you came here from Bennie’s post this week, here is the full size comic. Thanks Bennie for including Sixten and I in your work; you’re aweome.

(For those who are wondering, I don’t think Sixten will take any more requests to put themselves in a comic. If you read Bennie’s suggestion, he wasn’t even in the comic, it was all Sixten’s idea.)

As always, credit goes to Sixten.

Lotus Cobra is Evil – Induce Despair


First: sorry for the delay in the comic. It was a really long weekend and I kept telling myself “Oh, I can post this real quick when I have a minute.” You get Monday funnies rather than Sunday ones. Second: It looks like Sixten is getting busy as well as he has to focus on other things. Don’t take this as he’s done, but as a break to focus on “important” work. No matter what you think, I don’t have him chained up in my basement forcing him to draw LCiE. When there’s new comics, you’ll get them that next Sunday (really, none of this Monday stuff).

Anyway, enjoy today’s comic. If you don’t get the punchline which is one of the many jokes, click here.

My Obligatory Pre-Release Post

56 Emrakul Pre-Release Foils

Editor’s note: this is going to be pretty generic since I’ll refer to this every time there’s a new pre-release. So if you’re reading this after the published date, you were searching for pre-releases.

I asked twitter if I should write about pre-releases in Magic. I wanted to know if people were interested about why you should go to pre-releases when not hearing it from paid WotC writers. After all, you’re expecting them to write and say “Go, please, it helps our business.” Shouldn’t you hear about it from someone not being paid by WotC?

There’s plenty of reasons to go to a pre-release. Again, I asked twitter why they go to these events. Am I phoning it in then?  Am I just going to print their words and be done with it? Who are you, Mr. Questions?

Let’s get to their quotes: Continue reading “My Obligatory Pre-Release Post”

Lotus Cobra is Evil – Sweet Dreams are Made of These

That’s right, Lotus Cobra is Evil is back like I said it would be. Inspired by recent spoiled cards, see if you can guess which card matches with the correct panel (clearly, the last panel isn’t a card, that’s just creepy). Art, as always is done by the amazing Sixten (houseofsixten.com).

Design Class – Colorshifting Wall of Blossoms

I don’t know why I’m such a sucker for these cards: nice, simple, elegant design. Yes, I’m a Johnny/Spike and cards that let me do amazing, fun and wacky things are great. But my eye always comes back to these cards that are easy to grok.

I hate it when MaRo’s right (Note, clicking on that link takes you to his “Elegance” article and if you haven’t seen it before, well, have fun).

So, why am I getting all excited about a cantripping 0/4 wall?

I’m not the only one. When @Maro254 tweeted about a fan favorite wall being reprinted in White, there were two main guesses: Wall of Blossoms and Fog Bank. The smart money would be on Fog Bank since preventing combat damage is “more White” than drawing a card. But, he said popular (meaning fan favorite) and I don’t recall Fog Bank being a crowd pleaser. While Fog Bank may sometime be colorshifted to White some day (I believe it can) let’s focus on what people are screaming about on the message boards and twitter:

Should there be a White Wall of Blossoms? Why can’t it be Blue?

Let’s figure it out.

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