You’ve Got Magic in My Movie


I’ve been busy, you’ve been busy; it’s all gotta do with this recession. I’ve been busy at work, busy getting the EDH blog off the ground (I Got 99 Problems But a General Ain’t One), and busy with general life stuff. That happens, you know, but I do have some interesting news to share with you today and it doesn’t have to deal with design, or make with the funnies.

Things are moving on a Magic movie.

Yes, you read that right. In what might be considered the “bigger” news that I’ll talk about on this blog is that currently there is work being done on a Magic movie, by Hollywood; not by your friend’s friend with their Hi8 camcorder and cardboard swords.

Talking it over with the awesome movie blog, it seems like Hollywood is slowly moving forward with a Magic movie. Since I wrote why we shouldn’t be too excited because the movie can only be a certain way, they are taking it the way that seems the most logical (i.e. profitable): the way of the Lord of the Rings/300 route. Continue reading “You’ve Got Magic in My Movie”