Random Thoughts About Random Things

39-scourge-grip-of-chaos-mark-tedinEditor’s Note: While the title ties in to MaRo’s post this week, my post doesn’t. This is not an After MaRo post.  Warning: There are non-Magic related items in this post.

– I hope everyone had a good release event for Alara Reborn and pulled some amazing things or amazing plays.  I really like how this format is really playing out.  Cascade is amazing.  There’s a reason you only find them on multi-color cards (besides the fact that it’s only in Alara Reborn): it is too broken of a mechanic if it was mono color.  Imagine if Blue had a cascade card reading:

Cascade Spell – 2U
Draw a card.  Cascade.

While there are some ideas of having a Cascade/Hypergenesis combo in Extended (you have to have the creature in play for it to work), it would be really broken if you could fit cascade mechanics into any deck.  Cascade has to be a multi-color keyword or it’s too degenerate.  I hope this is something Wizards will bring back (they sound more open to the possibility to reuse good mechanics).

– I was going to have a post last week before it got all busy on me getting ready for Opening Day of boating season here in Seattle (I was filming it).  Of course, you knew that if you were following me in Twitter.  Follow me and most likely I will follow you too; a tit for tat kind of thing.  I still don’t know what I should tweet (besides new posts going up) and I want to hear your opinions on what I should post there:

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