Gavin Verhey’s #24

Editor’s Note: Inspiration of this piece came from Gavin Verhey. It’s also dedicated to him: Good luck on the new job.

In the northwestern part of the United States there resides a tiny town of Seattle, Washington. Some of you may be heard of it, it’s about 10ish or so miles north of Renton, Washington; Renton, of course, being home to Wizards of the Coast.

This metropolitan area has over 3,000,000 souls living here, as well as large lake that separates the area. There are two bridges that cross the lake: Interstate 90 and Highway 520 (lovingly called the Evergreen Point Floating Bridge, or just the 520 Bridge). With the population growth in the area, there has been discussion for a while about expanding one of the bridges. It makes sense, the 520 Bridge has two lanes of traffic each way, no carpool, and only supports 65,000 cars a day while currently carrying 115,000.

Oh, and there’s this little tech company called “Microsoft” that’s one the east end of the bridge (the west end is Seattle). Daily traffic creates a huge bottle neck at the ends of the bridges, there it connects with Interstate 5 and Interstate 405. It’s normal to expect at least 40 minutes of travel time to go this almost a mile and a half bridge. It’s inefficient and it causes too many problems.

After years of deciding what to do with it, the state government has ripped off the Band-Aid and they’re doing construction. “Full bore, let’s get this baby working again,” type of attitude.

It was a broken outdated system that couldn’t be used to its fullest. That’s great right? In fact, for around the past year and a half they’re working on the east side of the bridge, expanding the highway to get the bridge ready for expansion itself. They’re closing the bridge during weekends (another one is expected this weekend). Sure, it’s inconvenient now, but in a few years we’ll see the fruit of their labor. Right?

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Lost Words – The Reserved List Project

Editor’s Note: What follows is the first part in a series I was going to write about the Reserved List. This was written in February of last year, when the talk of the Reserved List heated up and we, the players, didn’t know what was going to happen. While all of this in the air, I had an idea. I wanted to write a four part series about the Reserved List and what should be done with it. My goal, if the editors allowed it, were to have this published on four different websites: Old Gathering Magic, Old Mana Nation, Quiet Speculation and here. To my knowledge nothing like this had ever been attempted (and still hasn’t).

This was abandoned when the announcement of the Reserved List was made public as half of the series dealt with what should happen with it. While I don’t agree fully with the decision, this is neither the time nor the place for that discussion. Part One, what you’re about to read, dealt with the history of the Reserved List, and why it was created. If you’re relativity new to Magic, or just haven’t kept up with the political aspects of the game, then hopefully this will shed some light on the topic.

Why this is coming out now is that not everything I write makes it to publication. I was going through some of my writing documents and found this. Creating a straw poll on twitter, I asked if people wanted to still read this. If you don’t like this, blame them. Most of this is still in its original state (some mention of dates and events). Please remember, this is about the history, not if you agree with Wizard’s final word on the topic.

It all started with trying to be everything to everyone.

Certainly we all know that can’t happen, so a choice had to be made. What good is a game without its players? If there’s no one to play, is it still a game? A decision was finally made and that has made all the difference.

It was decreed that Wizards of the Coast said they wouldn’t print certain cards ever again. Not only was this a game, but a dream for collectors as well. With one single mistake, Wizards upset a section of their fans. Wizards backed up, evaluated everything and said, “No more.”

This is what players and investors have to remember: All Wizards did was make a promise not to reprint these cards. There was no contract signed by anyone, the government didn’t force Wizards to do this, and there weren’t any lawsuits involved. Out of their own good will, Wizards created a list of cards they said they would never reprint because some players cried foul. The events that proceeded it changed the way the game was made, marketed and played.

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The 5 Scariest Design Mistakes in Magic History

With this being Halloween and all, I thought I’d get in the spirit a little bit. Spirit, as in ghosts 😉 (And what’s the deal with airline food?). Not everything that Wizards of the Coast has printed for Magic been perfect. There have been a ton of mistakes that have haunted the game (stop my puns if they get too much). Those mistakes were horrible at the time and have even driven away people in droves, but hopefully their lessons have been learned and not to be repeated.


As you’ll see I left out singular cards, but one is heavily implied. I didn’t feel it fair to blame one card out of several hundreds from the same set or situation.

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Lotus Cobra is Evil – Clash of the Titans

That’s right everyone! Your favorite Magic webcomic is back! Sixten has been busy working on a non-MTG comic book (which you can pre-order right here), but has started to draw LCiE again. Some more great news after the comic.

Non-Paid Advertisement: Buy Duels of the Planeswalkers, it’s fun and it’s a great learning tool for newer players.

I’m dubbing this week: “Return of Content” Week. It’s like Shark week, but most likely not as cool (Come on, Sharks are way badass). As you might have read from my last post, I’ve been a little distracted as of late. But I haven’t stepped away from Magic, just my writing time as been shrunk while we get ready for our new addition. I’ve got a ton of new content I want to get to.

The goal is a new post everyday this week between here, and That’s the goal and I’ll do my best to get it to work. On Friday, I’ll debut a new project that I’ve been working on for several months that will…

…well, let’s wait until then.

So Lotus Cobra is Evil starts Return of Content Week. I’d say that’s always a good thing.