Monthly Mailbag – Changing Rarities in Booster Packs


Hi all.

A long time ago I decided to do a monthly mailbag column for my blog. It gives me a nice place to hear from you about what I should write about. Since the proverbial seal has been broken for new content with last week’s post, I’d thought I’d continue to good times and content rolling with another post. I opened up my twitter (@mtgcolorpie) for questions and one really stuck with me. Via @Urzisha:

Is the pack ratio of R/U/C an antiquated idea this point?

Now, WotC won’t ever get into collation numbers or how they do it. Magic booster packs hasn’t always been 10 Common, 3 Uncommon, 1 Rare/Mythic, 1 Basic Land and 1 Token/Ad card in a normal 15 card booster pack. Some brief history for you newer players: Continue reading “Monthly Mailbag – Changing Rarities in Booster Packs”

Monthly Mailbag – Leave MaRo Alone!

You are lucky he even designs cards for you!
You are lucky he even designs cards for you!

Not only am I launching a new blog about EDH (I’ve Got 99 Problems But a General Isn’t One), but it’s mailbag time! That’s right, I sometimes get real questions from real people and give you real answers. I ask my twitter followers for questions about Magic and they sometimes deliver. Let’s get to them.

Why do you hate MaRo so much? It seems like every few posts that you talk about him, you’re always bashing him and making fun of him or things like that. What did he ever do to you?

Short answer: I do not hate Mark Rosewater.

Long answer: It’s funny when you read online and assume that everyone hates each other. Like the tabloids do every day, they photoshop and make stuff up to sell magazines. Let me hip you guys on a little secret: people love conflict. That’s why they watch Lord of the Rings, or Grey’s Anatomy, or other movies/shows/stories (Honestly, the only time you’ll see Grey’s Anatomy on this site). People don’t read X-Men because Magneto and Professor X get along, they read it because of the struggles and the fights they get to. See: Family Guy’s parody of “The Even Couple” (Good luck finding it, I wasn’t able to).

So, while it seems like I’m hating on him, that’s not the case. By “fighting” when I’m trying to make a point, makes for a much more interested read. Do I worship the ground he walks on? No, because he levitates. There are things that I don’t like WotC doing from time to time but, and here’s the thing you have to remember, I understand it. I understand why Lotus Cobra is Mythic, I understand why Allies are the way they are, I understand why online has PTQ’s. Do I like any of those choices? No, but I get why they do it. Continue reading “Monthly Mailbag – Leave MaRo Alone!”

Monthly Mailbag – Magic: The Twittering


Ah October. Time for another set to roll in and a block to roll out. Just a friendly reminder: Extended rotates as well. No More Onslaught block nor 8th edition. See my B&R list for the full details. New month also means new mailbag. Let’s see what’s in here.

I play Warp World and Ob Nixilis…

Sorry, wrong mailbag. My fault. Ahem:

What’s up with all the talk about Twitter? It’s not the world’s greatest invention, so why is it always “Twitter” this and “Twitter” that I read on your blog. I don’t have twitter so there.

The question should be why don’t you have Twitter? You know who Tweets? Mark Rosewater. Aaron Forsythe. Evan Erwin. Mike Flores. Patrick Chapin. Bill Stark. Kelly Reid ( Me. That’s hardly everyone who tweets, just some of the names you might have hear or read some of their stuff. When I went to the Zendikar prerelease, I met MaRo who knows of me from Twitter, yet we met for the first time. I also met Jacob from GatheringMagic there where he also talked to MaRo, and I met bccarlso, someone I met over Twitter. I’ve traded posts with Jay from Magic: the Blogging (where yes the title of this post also “steals” that idea from him as well but come on, it’s an obvious one). I got to see Mike Flores and other pro players tweet it out to see if Lotus Cobra is the best 2 drop ever comparing it to Dark Confident and Tarmogoyf. This whole “Priceless Treasures” thing play out on both the rumor site and on Twitter. Continue reading “Monthly Mailbag – Magic: The Twittering”

Monthly Mailbag – The Rotation is Here! Repent!

At least he's not worried about the sky falling...
At least he's not worried about the sky falling...

Digging into my mailbag, I find two questions of interest. That’s just enough of what I have time for; how convenient.

Oh man, I’m scared of the rotation. We’re going to lose the Vivid Lands, Reflecting Pool, Cryptic Command, Figure of Destiny. All the decks are going to suck now. What in the world should I do?

I’m assuming this is the first time you’ve experienced a rotation since you started playing Magic more competitively. If not, shame on you, it always happens this time of year. There’s no need to run around with your head cut off.

Will the new decks suck because we’re losing so many staple cards from the sets? Most likely not. Remember, for something to rotate out, something gets to rotate in. Even though we finally lose that mega block LorMoor, doesn’t mean the game is going to suck. Magic is a fluid game where cards come and go, as they should be.

If you pick up a regular deck of playing cards, you know it never changes (you know, unless you lose a card and use the joker for something). Everyone expects the cards to be the same. Likewise in Chess or almost any other game out there. But what make Magic so different is the constant changing of the available pieces you have to play with. This is why Limited is so popular; you don’t know what you could open and get passed to you, making each time you sit down and play a different experience. Continue reading “Monthly Mailbag – The Rotation is Here! Repent!”

Monthly Mailbag – Slivers, Why Does It Always Have to Be Slivers?

Indiana Jones Slivers

Ah, the mailbag. It’s where a writer goes when he/she runs out of ideas or wants to talk about a variety of topics without putting a small post out. Today, I talk about my “favorite” creature type, why Wizards needs to slow it down, and card drawing in colors other then Blue. Time to use this thinly veiled concept.


I like slivers. You’re bashing them on MTGSalvation for their new promo set: Premium Deck Series: Slivers? What gives?

In case you haven’t heard, Wizards is printing another special set (more about this in a moment), this time with Slivers. The new collection, called Premium Deck Series, are going to be all foil (premium is what Wizards calls foils) with some new slivers that have yet to be in the new-border and a Mythic sliver. What’s my beef? Continue reading “Monthly Mailbag – Slivers, Why Does It Always Have to Be Slivers?”