In Defense of – Reprinting the M10 Duals in M12

Editor’s Note: New column (like always). Sometimes when WotC does some that confuses or upsets a group of people with the choices that they’ve made, I’ll step in and defend WotC’s actions. Now, I don’t agree with all of their choices either, but I will defend the ones I think are right.

Yeah, I was disappointed too.

I mean, Wizards has so many dual lands to choose from to make this cycle of cards better. They could’ve at least printed the Ravnica Duals, which would be awesome with the Zendikar Fetchlands. Or maybe create even new dual lands that we would have more incentive to buy this Core Set.

But this? We’ve seen this cycle three times now. I’ve got playsets of each and when I open my M12 boosters I really don’t want to be staring down at these guys again. The lands are not all that great for Commander, but it’s not even that. You have to keep surprising players or they get restless. We’ve seen this, time to move on.

Let me come to the M10 Duals’ defense: They had to be reprinted.

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Design Class – The Future of Red Looting

I was at FNM a while ago and I was talking to my friend Bill. We love to talk about Magic design (he also entered into the GDS2) and he always brings up engaging topics for us to discuss. While I was in the middle of a Commander game (which was called for time due to the store needing the space for FNM), Bill asked a question:

How do I feel about Red “looting?”

During the GDS2, many people had suggested that the looting ability move from Blue to Red. Looting, if you didn’t know, was coined after the card to the right. Basically it’s a draw and discard effect, also called “filtering”, especially if used in spells.

Is that ability Red and if it is, how will it see print?

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Things You Need to Know – M12 Changes

Protection from Screamin' Jay Hawkins

A new core set, a new batch of changes. Nothing here that really shakes anything up too much besides just two new terms for things we already talk about. One of them looks really, really weird.

Hexproof (This creature can’t be the target of spells or abilities your opponents control.)

This isn’t the one that looks really, really weird. What was lovingly referred to as “Trollshroud” has now been templated to read Hexproof. Hex, which means “to put a spell on” makes sense for the keyword.

But why not Trollshroud?

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