Design Class – What Happens when Wizards “Steals” your Keyword

Surprise! There’s no After MaRo today. Ask me why? Because, it actually deals with what he was talking about with a new keyword ability: Evoke.

Here is what MaRo first came up with when he (so he claims) came with up with the idea of Evoke (called animate). After rules problems, it was changed to what it looks like today.

When we (as non-Wizards employees) create sets, we like to come up with keywords, because as research shows, players love keywords. About 5 years ago, I was working on cards when I was sitting bored in class and at work, like I always do. I came across a cool idea for a keyword that would mostly be used on creatures, but it could be seen on artifacts, enchantments and lands. It plays out like this:

Aggression [cost] (As an additional cost to play this, you may pay the aggression cost. If you don’t, sacrifice ~this~ at the end of the turn.)

After I saw Evoke, I knew that there was similarities, but it wasn’t until yesterday when I saw how close Evoke was/is to Aggression. There are differences (as mine were still creatures, but acted like spells) but it begs the question: can I still develop Aggression as a keyword since Wizards (Offically) put out Evoke?

Editor’s Note: Yes, I know that Wizards didn’t steal my idea. It’s just how a person feels after they see something like what they’ve been working on gets made for real. Plus, it makes for an interesting title.

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After MaRo – The Definition of a “MaRo” Lie

It’s time for my weekly call to Wizard’s Headquarters to talk to Mark Rosewater (MaRo). Good thing it’s a local call, or my phone bill would be pretty bad. As always, this is a parody. Or a good ribbing; I guess you could call it that.

Mark Rosewater speaking.

Hi Mr. Rosewater, this is Robby…

Yeah I know who you are. You call every Monday now. I know your voice. What is it this time?

You like movies, right?

You bet I do. You know I worked in Hollywood writing for Roseanne, right?

Yeah, I almost forgot since you haven’t mentioned it since the beginning of April (Tropical Blend 3 voting doesn’t count (and yes, I searched that fact up)). That’s pretty cool. I’ve got a ton of ideas that I want to make either as TV shows or movies, so I’m wicked jealous that you had the chance.

Since April, hunh? I’ll get right on that. But I love my job now, it’s one of the best jobs ever.

I can imagine.

So, yeah, I like movies. Why do you ask?

Did you see the card that you previewed today? I mean really look at it?

Why, is there something obscene in it?

No, they look like E.T..
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After MaRo – Someone Feels Guilt-Leaf

Editor’s Note: Again, this is parody. None of this is real. Other examples: After MaRo – I’m not Talking about Treefolk; and After MaRo – An Interview with MaRo about Planeswalkers.

Other titles of this post that were considered were: After Maro – MaRo and I share our feelings; After MaRo – No, You Can’t Regenerate a Goblin You Sacrifice; After Maro – MaRo Knows Where You Live and Seen Where You Sleep and He’ll Swear to Everything that is Holy That your Mothers Will Cry When They See What He’s Done to You; and After MaRo – Never Question Bruce Dickinson.

Mark Rosewater speaking.

Mr. Rosewater, it’s me, Robby ************* from again and…

I don’t want to talk to you.

Wait, please hear me out, please.

Are you going to lambaste me for previewing another +1/+1 creature we used to call a Lord?

No, not really. It’s what you said in today’s article. I thought you did a good job explaining your situation. You said you might have made a mistake, and apologized for it. That was very kind of you.

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After MaRo – I’m Not Talking About Treefolk

Due to today being such an awful day historically here in the United States, I decided that I should try and cheer things up a little bit. I mean, official Lowryn previews started yesterday on, and there was some excitement. This card was spoiled by Wizards so I have no problem posting it here. And for the next few weeks, if MaRo talks about a new card, I’ll most likely here as well. I’ll only show “Official” spoilers; I don’t want a lawsuit.

Yesterday, I called up MaRo after I read his article and the other posts that appeared yesterday. Here’s a transcript of that conversation. (Again, this is all parody. Don’t believe a word I say here. Except that. And that. I also changed the format, typing ‘Mr. Rosewater’ for a one line gag wasn’t worth it.)

I will be talking about themes and ideas I haven’t gotten to yet in the Color Pie Identity Project, since we haven’t reached those colors. We’ll get to them.

Hello, This is Mark Rosewater speaking.

Hello Mr. Rosewater. This is Robby **********, from again.

Oh, yes I remember you. You’re the one who I made fun of since they didn’t know who Planeswalkers worked.

Yes, that’s me. I see you posted the rules last week.

We did that just for you.


No, it turns out that there were more people who didn’t understand them.

There’s still people who don’t understand them.

They will learn in time. So, what’s your complaint this week?

It’s about your preview card.

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After MaRo – An Interview with MaRo about Planeswalkers

Warning: Let me first say that this is a fake interview. This is not real. This is a farce, a joke. Do not take anything in this “Interview” seriously. I am Orson Wells and this is my War of the Worlds. Anything you read during this interview either a setup or a punch line of a joke. Thank you for understanding.

My Tuesday posts deal with what MaRo said the day before. Yesterday was theme week about Onslaught, and since I wasn’t on the Onslaught design team, I decided to write about another topic. Since one of the biggest events ever to hit Magic happened on Thursday, I was a little curious about why nothing was said by Magic’s leader. After all, why introduce something, then don’t talk about it, especially when we don’t know what it is (we, meaning the Magic playing community).

After doing a little research online, I called Wizards and arranged a quick telephone interview with MaRo. Here’s the transcript:

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