Yo Dawg, I Herd You Like Magic Design…

Listen, there's only so many MTG cards dedicated to Design. Deal with it.


Editor’s Note: I want to thank everyone for their kind words for my last post. I just needed to get it out there, and I didn’t know how people would accept it. For the most part you did, and I’m glad. This time, happiness.

There’s a dirty little secret why you usually don’t see posts about Magic design on the major sites besides dailymtg.com: they don’t drive page views. Most of the traffic online that deals with Magic comes from tournament reports and when one of the pros write something (ie a tournament report or not). So while I might have used the appropriate slang for today’s title, It’s Hard Out There for an MTG Designer, I used my better judgment and decided against it.

When I started this blog years and years ago, I did it because I loved Magic design. Aside from the bickering found in forums, there really wasn’t a place online aside from MaRo’s articles that was devoted to design. Sure, there were pieces here at there, but since they don’t drive the traffic, unless you really love it, not everyone’s going to read it. The same people that would be reading them would be writing them; you’re going to get 10 page views which would signal that maybe there’s not a demand for it. Please ignore the fact that people would put up their funny cards on their Geocities page; they weren’t talking about design, just making wacky cards.

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