Magic Mechanics in Real Life

Somethings best stay in the fantasy world

This all started with @Mulldrifting‘s tweet:

Re: blog on MTG stories/chars @mananation I want a blog on how game mechanics translate to books/real life. B/c some of its hilarious.

Some of my other posts are still in the works and this seemed like something fun and light to do. Yes, it’s a shorter post, but that’s alright. Let’s do this.


Kicker [Cost]: [Effect]

Magic: Conqueror’s Pledge

Real Life: “For an extra $50, I’ll throw in HBO and Cinamax free of charge,” said the cable guy during installation.

“Flicker” Effects

Magic: Flicker

Real Life:

Notes: Also works for Phasing effects, but no one talks about those cards.

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