My Own Private Metagame

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When deciding on topics to write for your blog, you have to wade through a ton of ideas, or things you want to get to (such as the winner of the Twitter Game 2 which will go up next week). Sometimes an idea is just that, or you it’s something you want to explore more in detail and you get your fingers working on the keyboard.

I was going to write about how I love to prefer to create my own decks rather than taking them from online and playing them. It’s been a hot topic online recently and I was thinking of throwing my hat in the ring. But, two things stopped me: 1) I took a net deck to SCG Seattle because I didn’t have time to test and I it was my type of playstyle so the big argument would consider me a somewhat of a hypocrite (which is ironically one of the only times I have taken a net-deck to a large tournament), and 2) Do you really care?

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