You Like to Buy Geek Stuff? Of Course You Do, You’re a Geek

9844_live_0008_largeI’m not ashamed to admit it, I’m a geek. By most accounts, if you’re reading this blog, so are you. I have various geek related purchases in my life that wasn’t cards or DVD’s. I’ve bought objects such as a Rorschach figurine, a Boba Fett bobble-head, and Magic art prints from the artists when they come to Seattle and hang them on my home office wall (I’ll put up a pic sometime). But not all the time does my love for Magic make it easy to buy things. Sure, you can pick up Magic playmats (Some which look really cool) and deck boxes and sleeves and binders, but these are all related to gaming in general. I’m not talking about video games either (I still love the MicroProse version and still play it), I’m talking the other merchandise that geeks normally buy.

Wizards and RYZ Wear just finished up a contest to design a shoe. Not bad, I thought to myself and I played around with designing a shoe it with the Mark Tedin Textless Fireball art and it looked pretty cool but I didn’t enter it. The winner was decided by fan vote and that’s what the pair of shoes are up there designed by Extremeicon. Would I buy a pair of shows like that? I was pre-ordering them until I saw the price: $99. Either buy a pair of shoes, or buy a box of M10 (plus, I wear a 13, so they didn’t have my size. I know, I’m a freak)? Then on MTGSalvation, someone posted that in select pre-releases there would be Jones Soda giveaways with the labels as the Planeswalkers. EDIT: They’re Selling them for a limited time only! How awesome is that? Mouth-watering. What do these two things have in common? They’re both the type of marketing that Wizards needs to do more of: stuff people would want. Continue reading “You Like to Buy Geek Stuff? Of Course You Do, You’re a Geek”