After MaRo – In the Year 3000

Mark Rosewater, In the Year 3000
Mark Rosewater, In the Year 3000

M10 has had it’s pre-release and hasn’t even had it’s release to the public yet. Is it time to focus on the Core Set (M11) for next year? According to MaRo, of course it is! From his Twitter account:

We’re working on M11. What advice can you give us from your experiences with M10? I’d like both things to change and things to do again.

For those of you who think that this is a little early to start to forget about a set that hasn’t even been released then you are right. Well, in the case of designing a set then it’s not too early. It’s not like these sets get thrown together at the last second (right?), they need planning and debating and seeing what would fit and what doesn’t. I think it’s time we look into the future.

MaRo: (Walking into the room from behind the curtain) The future Robby?

Robby: That’s right MaRo. Let’s look into the future, all the way to the year 3000*.

Randy Buehler: (Singing) In the year 3000. In the year 3000!

Robby: Green will once again have a 2/2 bear for 1G. The name will change again, only this time its flavor text shall read, “Only you can prevent forest fires.”

Buehler: (Singing) In the year 3000. Continue reading “After MaRo – In the Year 3000”