GP Vegas Art Show – A Kickstarter

I64ef2a6416fe92c95a12ab4e2aeaae6a_original‘m not an art guy.

Let me rephrase: I like Magic art however my expertise is not art, it’s design. I appreciate looking at art and I have several art prints of Magic cards up in my home office area (I’ve got the John Avon Unhinged basic land cycle at my actual work office, and I still have this print even though it’s not hanging at that card store at the moment). If you asked me what made X piece of art so good I couldn’t tell you besides “It’s pleasing to my eye.” I pick up lessons here and there, especially from constantly name dropped on my blog Mike Linnemann (You might have seen his work here).

So when he asked me to help promote this Kickstarter for the GP Vegas Art Show ( even though I won’t be able to attend, I was more than happy to help. Why?

I think Magic art is amazing, and more people should enjoy it. Continue reading “GP Vegas Art Show – A Kickstarter”