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About this Blog:

MTG Color Pie is a blog dedicated to another side of Magic: The Gathering not usually seen on most blogs: the non-competitive. Rarely will you find any decklists or playtest match-ups here. Most of the focus on this blog deals with Magic card/set design, Magic related humor and Magic culture. There’s something for everyone here; if you don’t like a post, don’t worry the next one will be on a completely different (but Magic related) topic. From fake screenplays inserting Magic in classic movie scenes to philosophizing why Wizards does what it does, I promise you will never get bored on here.

My philosophy for writing is this: I write what I would want to read, which happens to explain the wide variety of content on here. Coming from a fiction writer’s background rather than a competitive player trying to write, I like to do different styles every once in a while. I try to research about each topic I write about; wild accusations and speculation without evidence doesn’t get us correct information about why certain things are the way they are. Don’t worry, I won’t bore you with a ton of graphs and charts lost in jargon, but don’t be surprised if they show up once in a while. But mostly, it’s about combining entertainment and education together.

The blog is always changing, always evolving. Just like Magic.

About the Author:

Robby Rothe Jr. lives in the Seattle, Washington area so close to the Wizards of the Coast Headquarters he can hyperbolically see it from his house. He has been playing Magic since Revised and has seen Magic go through a huge number of changes. When he’s not writing/tweeting about or playing Magic, Robby works as a Commercial Property/IT Manager for a small property management firm. No, he won’t come over and fix your computer. He also writes/edits the EDH blog I’ve Got 99 Problems But a General Ain’t One.

Also in his spare time, Robby also writes/shoots and edits video. As an overall geek, he’s a huge movie geek as well as general geek knowledge. You may also catch him watching the Seattle Mariners or tweeting about them.

Robby lives with his beautiful wife and her their two cats.

Contacting the Author:

E-mail: mtgcolorpie@gmail.com

Twitter: @mtgcolorpie

AIM: mtgcolorpie

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