Slice of Pie – Akroma Unarmed

Oh, you just happened to find this? Yeah, take it, I have no use for it.

Editor’s Note: I’m going to try these shorter pieces a little more frequently. They’re not enough information to fill several thousand words, but enough for food for thought.

Aaron Forsythe tweeted this:

Akroma Without Her Sword – 5WWW – Legendary Creature – Angel – 4/6 – Flying, protection from black and from red

That was later changed to 2WWW when it was pointed out that it would cause 3 to equip. Confused? Look at the card to the right. This is basically Akroma’s sword (look at the handle and compare it to this). It’s pretty easy to see that this sword is what makes Akroma so powerful. If you take off the text that this sword provides, then you get the creature mentioned above. I stuck my nose in:

@mtgaaron Well, it should be her sword that’s Legendary, not her.

My thinking was this: is a 2WWW, flying, Pro Red/Black angel Legendary?

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