The Kingdom is Coming – Card Kingdom’s New Palace

I don’t do advertising on MTGCP.

I feel like I’m a Ronin: a masterless samurai who does what he wants when he wants. I’ve turned down advertisers on this blog before because I don’t want them to limit what I can create on this blog without feeling guilty of hurting the people paying me to write. If I want to write something that my advertisers don’t want, I’m out of luck. Not so if I don’t have any.  That’s different if I write on other websites because I’m on their site, not mine. Not being tied down to anyone exclusively allows me to do some awesome things.

Like what I’m about to talk about today.

In a series of 4 posts I will be working with Card Kingdom, one of the largest Magic suppliers on the internet, to talk about their secret project. Finally, after months of secret tweets and meetings, it can finally be announced.

But first, some back story.

I first met Dan Tharp at PAX this past year. He’s the PR director at Card Kingdom, and the one who’s behind the twitter, facebook and newsletter they put out. We’d been talking online for a while and with Card Kingdom’s presence with a booth at PAX, it would be a great time to meet. After a brief introduction, we talked about getting together at the PAX Scars of Mirrodin party afterward the convention and engage in some conversation. So, after I helped spoil those cards for you, Dan and I went to the bar for a drink.

“Can you keep a secret?” he asked.

I nodded.

“There’s going to be some exciting changes at Card Kingdom coming up. Though they’re still in the works, it looks like everything is going through.”

He had my attention. “Oh really? Like what?”

“We’re opening up a new store in Ballard.” It’s a section in the city of Seattle, for those who don’t live in the area.

“Well, that’s cool.” It’s always good when more card stores are opened as it gives more places for Magic.

Then he smiled. “But it’s going to be so much more than a store.” I was a little skeptical. How can a store be more than a store? (How am I not myself?) “We’re going to make it a mecca for gamers.”

Then he proceeded to tell me.

I am a believer.

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