M11 Spoilers: A Human, a Merfolk and a Goblin Walk into a Bar…

Believe what I believe, or I beat you with this club!


Yes, these are official M11 spoilers seen for the first time in English on the interweb (and maybe other MTG blog brethren as well). Unlike last time where it was just misunderstood as truth when it was speculation, these are real cards you’re going to see in real booster packs. Awesome, right?

Now I know I don’t want to keep you waiting (as you see, the first one is on the right (That’s right, multiple!)), and I know that most of you will skip this text and get to the card images themselves. Don’t worry, I do that to. If you’re so inclined to actually read the text when you’re done ogling, I’m going to explain how these cards got in M11. Well, not like development, but how this cards were most likely inspired by cards that came before them and how they fit into their colors (Hey, that’s kinda my spiel). You’re not here for draft analysis or how they’ll fit in certain decks (though I’ll talk about that in the abstract).

I’ve got 3 cards to spoil, all of them new. No functional reprints of any kind.

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