Modern Thoughts About Modern Masters

Dark Confidant - MM

Modern Masters comes out today and we’ll be able to get our hands on it.

Or, some of will get our hands on the set. Maybe they’ll play with it; maybe they’ll store it in a closet hoping it will go up in value. I mean, it can’t go any higher, can it?

So let’s address some of the topics that everyone is talking about and let’s see if we can shed some light on it in a non-“What has WotC done?” panic that I keep reading online. Is it just me, or do you imagining people screaming throwing their hands above their head?

1 – What’s in the Set

Obviously this is the most important part. Modern Masters has money cards for everyone. For Tournament players there’s Tarmogoyf, AEther Vial, Cryptic Command, Dark Confidant, Arcbound Ravager, Pact of Negation, Kiki-Jiki, Blood Moon, Bridge from Below, Elsepth, etc. For Casual/Commander players there’s Doubling Season, Swords of Fire and Ice/Light and Shadow, Sarken Vol, Demigod of Revenge, Divinity of Pride, the Kamigawa Dragons, etc.

And those are just some of the Rares and Mythics. This set is so full of good stuff that it’s insane. Really insane. That’s why the packs are so expensive and the hype is so high. If you play Magic, there are cards in here that interest you. For the alternative Cubers, there’s plenty of support here especially with the rarity changes of many of the cards (which is also a help to the budget players (and yes, I know that I’m saying “budget players” semi-ironically when it comes to a set like this)).

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Modern Masters is a Master Stroke

Is that an awful pun? Most likely.

If you didn’t hear what Aaron Forsythe had to say, check it out here.

Here’s the gist of what we know (Which Aaron will spill more on Monday I’m sure):

  • Modern Mastery is a stand alone set with 229 cards (same as M13 without basic lands).
  • The set is not Standard legal, and the cards are only legal in the formats they would be legal in (Modern/Legacy/Vintage/Commander). All of the cards are reprints (no new cards), and will only be select reprints from 8th Edition to Alara Reborn.
  • It has the same rarity breakdown of M13 as well:
    • 15 Mythics
    • 53 Rares
    • 60 Uncommons
    • 101 Commons
  • $6.99 MSRP, 24 boosters per a box. If you notice, the 24 boosters are great for an 8-man draft which this set was designed for.
  • Oh, and there’s no Basic Land. That spot in the back is being occupied by a foil card. Yes, a foil card in every pack. Plus, paper tokens that had never been seen as tokens before.
  • And we know what card already: Mythic Rare – Tarmogoyf. Seriously.

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