Return of the Blog and Tapping the Cards

Catherine the EarlyI am back.

Catherine, our daughter, is doing pretty well all things considered. There are still some hurdles that we have to get through, but we’re doing it together as a family. I want to thank everyone for their well wishes and support. To the right you see this card that I designed about her (mostly so I could talk about her in this blog). Yes, she was in the NICU for 130 days (the suspend cost), and the P/T was her birth weight and departure of hospital weight (1 pound 5 oz and 9 pounds 6 oz respectively). She is 6 months old and just over 11 pounds now and is acting like a baby of her estimated due date adjusted age should be (around 2 1/2 months). It’s all getting better. And because of this I’m restarting this blog and 99 CMDR Problems (where I talk about updating my decks and I want you to decide which one I’m writing about first).

But we’re here to talk about the design of Magic.

Website IGN put up a walkthrough video of the new Duels of the Planeswalkers game and “leaked” some of the new cards. Since M11, each of the Core Sets have had a returning mechanic (M11 – Scry, M12 – Bloodthirst, M13 – Exalted, M14 – Slivers). In M15 the mechanic looks like it shall be Convoke. And this makes me happy.

Convoke was my returning mechanic for my Great Designer Search 2 world. Looking back at it, there was plenty I could have improved upon with the world creation part but I’m still pretty happy how the design part turned out. The two Convoke cards I submitted were:

Enhartened Spirit   Macnovo, Fire Deity

Of these two, I think only Enhartened Spirit has a remote chance of being printed because the Legendary creature looks too much like a Theros God. However, I can tell you a ton about Convoke and how that fits into the Theros block pretty well. Continue reading “Return of the Blog and Tapping the Cards”