Split Second – Semi-Blog Post

The sun flare is not photoshopped. There was a sunny day in Seattle


A few things real quick here.

1. Card Kingdom’s new location. Some people were wondering where it was and I left it out of my posts. It was a conscious decision as I didn’t want it to take away from the feel of the pieces. Now that it’s opening today, it might be a good idea to tell you where it is.

Card Kingdom
5105 Leary Ave. NW
Seattle, WA 98017

Clicking on that link will take you to the Google Maps link and you can find your way from there. The building is on the West side of the street and you’ll see the image above and know you’re there. Across the street there is a small parking lot surrounded by a chain link fence that’s completely ok for you park in; Card Kingdom has rights to park there. There’s no clear sign for it nor is there a crosswalk (yet) but you’ll see it when you drive by.

The hours for Cafe Mox and the store are from 10-10 (I’m heading down there today to go try out the lunch. Watch my twitter feed). You’ll get my full report about the store not this week but sometime next week (once all the hoopla from the NPH prerelease dies down).

2. I don’t always write here, but when I do, it’s about Magic. It was brought to my attention that I don’t publicize my other writing enough. If you’re wondering why I don’t write everyday here, I also write for GatheringMagic now (They merged with ManaNation, where I was writing from, but it’s now under one title). While I used to write in my EDH blog “I’ve Got 99 Problems But a General Ain’t One” I do all my EDH/Commander writing for GatheringMagic. Here’s a link for my archives.

I am looking to redesign this blog a little bit and I’ll be reworking the links section over to the right for my other works.

3. Speaking of other works. I just got the iPad 2 this past week and I’m learning all that you can do with it. I was going to try and shoot video of the Card Kingdom party but felt it wasn’t the right place. However, I will be taking it with me to some of the larger events I attend and film something.

I’m also looking into do other things (magic related) that I can do with my iPad 2, filming or voice work. I don’t want that to take away from my little writing time I have, but I’m throwing it out there to you guys if you’re interested in anything in particular. I haven’t done any MTGO videos (but I might do that for a GatheringMagic Commander post at some other time), but I’m curious to hear what you guys think.

4. Mariner’s Game Meetup. I haven’t talked about this for a while and I’ll address it sometime soon. Still looking to get the right date. If anyone would be interested in helping me out, shoot me an email or a tweet (@mtgcolorpie).

5. Lotus Cobra is Evil. New comic next Sunday.

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