Lotus Cobra is Evil – It’s Not Embarrassing If It’s True

Sixten has decided to tell us a story about something that really happened. See, this is what happens when I don’t go to tournaments:

Sixten tells the story:

If you are “Razor Ramon”, the person who registered the deck named “Hard Gay” at the 2010 Washington State and Provincial Championships and got called out by the head judge, I tip my hat to your guts, as it could only have been a deliberate troll.

I name my decks different names; my two favorite have been “Everyone Knows You Never Go Full Bant” and “Do You Like Huey Lewis and the News?” You named a deck before? Share it below.


22 thoughts on “Lotus Cobra is Evil – It’s Not Embarrassing If It’s True”

  1. Every single one of my EDH decks is named after a movie.

    Sharuum – I am, Robot
    Sol’Kanar (Mono-black with tri color general) – Swamp Thing
    Karrthus – Reign of Fire
    Mayael – Clash of the Titans
    Pheldagriff (Group Hug) – Goodfellas
    Silver Queen (Planeswalkers/enchantments) – Enchanted

  2. The names of Standard decks I’ve played:

    Jund- Ted Jundy
    Doran- Back Doran
    Bant w/ Shorecrasher Mimic- Bant Touch This

  3. I really love naming my deck! XD
    Grindomatic T53 => UB – grinding deck
    Deo Gratias => W – life point accumulator
    Now Fishing! => U – full of return creature to the opponent’s hand and I draw
    Dark Sisterhood => B – full of nasty creature and Phage, Liliana, Sorin! XD
    It’s not ever Sunday => UR – counter/fire BANG!

  4. I once had a green/red spiritcraft deck called 20 19 18 13 5 1 or something similar. It was the lifetotals of a level 2 judge at a county champs when I first started playing and how quickly he lost to me.
    My Ashling deck is rather unoriginally called Foil Ashling dot deck but when I mention it they know I mean business.

  5. I made a standard deck a while back, right after worldwake was released. It used lots of ETB tapped land, four Amulet of Vigor, and Ruin Ghosts. With multiple amulets I got mana accel from my land plays. And I finished with Avenger of Zendikar. (this was before he went up in price)
    Called the deck Vegeta’s Juice.
    No, not every deck has a good name

  6. Give a Hoot, Valakoot! – RG Primeval Valakut
    Anvillicious – R Semblance Anvil Aggro
    Law and Order – UW Azorius
    Roar of the Lone Wolf – WG Howl of the Night Pack (Killed someone with a 75/75 Drove of Elves with trample, and 66 wolves)
    Leave me to my Solitude! – Treva enchantment EDH deck (lost main win con with loss of Emrakul, though may get new one with the BS Colossus.)
    Don’t worry, it Only Tastes Like Almonds – mono G infect
    Don’t Cry, it’s Just Battle! – WR Battlecry deck.

  7. UB Mill – “Jace/Liliana Romance”
    RUG – “That’s The Power of Love”
    UWR – “Elspeth the Worst”

  8. XD i love giving names to my deck, I remember the first one, one noone had faith on while ravager and tooth and nail were in standard… Snakes! “Burning Snakes” was the name of the deck that used infinite mana + kumano to kill turn 3-4 and wipe the almighty $200+ decks with a bunch of common snakes and a single rare spell ($2 BTW)… I got the FNM… and next week everyone came ready for the burning snakes… my perish… 1-5 overall for the FNM u.u XD
    Most recently “Blacksmith’s dream” using tempered steel, steel oversser, an many other artifact creatures, not much success though…

  9. Green aggro – Punch and Pie (Overwhelming Stampede + early Khalni Hydra = “16/16 and 3 9/9s with trample coming over for punch ‘n pie, what do?”)
    U/B prolif/infect – Don’t Drink the Water
    R/G multikicker/Rumbling Aftershocks – (Ain’t That a) Kick in the Koth
    Battlesphere – Katamyri Damacy

    As for some of my friend’s, the one who got me into M:tG…

    W/U Archive Trap searchbait deck – Manners (because you’re don’t HAVE to search for that Path to Exile replacement… you know, his deck is asking nicely is all. He’s super polite when he’s playing it too.)
    B/G infect – Candy (sweet phyrexian candy!)
    wizard/ninja multiplayer deck – Quiet Old Man Sitting On a Park Bench, With a Dog
    silly Isamaru EDH deck – Hypedog (we play a lot of Blazblue)
    not quite as silly Gwafa Hazid EDH deck – Blood Money

    1. Probably should have mentioned – Quiet Old Man is heavy card draw into The Unspeakable.

      But really. He’s an old man. Sitting on a park bench, with a dog. Leave him be. He’s not hurting anyone. 🙂

  10. Now updated with my legacy deck…

    TROGDOR! He’s burninating the village and the peasants!

  11. My favroite deck I never registered was one that won with 2 Boobie Traps and Arcum Dagasson back in time spiral block. I wanted to call it Arcum Dagasson is a Dirty Pervert OR possibly Deck looks like a Lady 😛


  12. Also have a Tribal wars deck that is all Trolls and 5 colors. It wins with a Coalition Victory from nowhere. I called it Trollalition Victory

  13. Hmmm.

    Standard: When In Doubt, Go German (Red/Blue Pyromancer)

    Extended: HI BILLY MAYS HERE! (Red/Blue/Black Archive Trap)

    Legacy: Bogle’s Finest Hour (Mono-Green Bogles/Shorecrasher)
    ALL OF MY HATE! (Mono-Black Sacrifice)
    Stand Back, I’ve Got This. (Blue/Red Draw)

    Commander: The Knights of Gondor: (Mono-White Sidar Jabari)
    KODAMA USES STOMP! (Mono-Green, Kodama of the North Tree)
    Xanatos Gambit (Blue/Black Wizards, Dralnu, Lich Lord)

  14. I like naming my decks. Kind of a passtime, other than playing. lol
    WUB artifact–I, Transmuter
    WG knights–Knight and Day
    B scars block myr deck–Myr Death Experience
    B vampires–Re-Vamp
    5 color aggro–Technicolor Boom

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