Ain’t No Sunshine

Editor’s Note: While not my favorite version of this song, it’s close (Video here). If you’re going to perform a song like this, get emotional. If you’re singing about pain, show pain and make me feel it. I get goosebumps when an artist gets it right.

I know that some of you just read my blog, and while I’m appreciate, this isn’t the only thing I’ve been working on. Even though the last date on this blog has been a while ago, I haven’t abandoned it. In fact, I’ve been spreading out. Just a quick update of everything that’s been going on.

If you haven’t heard, I’m writing weekly on about EDH, er Commander. You can find my work here. That partially explains why 99EDHProblems hasn’t been updated much recently (though it will be, some content is being generated there). If you haven’t read the news announcement of EDH a few weeks ago, you can read my analysis on ManaNation (here).

I also have started to write for the new Quiet Speculation as well. Over there hopefully I’ll be writing more than once a month, but currently that’s the schedule. I’ve been asked to write about more of the casual side of Magic, kind of what I do here from time to time in my culture pieces, so I’ll be focusing that type of writing over there. However, I’ve got an awesome idea for a project that I have to get cleared to write about on QS. If you’re curious about my first piece, it’s here: Gamers of a Certain Age (it fits along the mold of Middle Children of Magic).

Where do we go from here?

Does because I’m branching out from MTGCP and 99EDH does that mean these blogs are being discarded? No, not at all. I’ve been starting to get better at writing for ManaNation (which is weekly) and I haven’t even begun to run out of ideas for this site. Here’s my current queue for drafts I’m currently working on for MTGCP:

The “Here, There, Everywhere” post is actually this one under its original name (and yes I know that “Cheat Sheet” is spelled wrong, it’s been changed). These are just the past 6 ideas in a queue of 44 ideas waiting to get written (plus more I haven’t even put in there). When I have the available time to work on them, they’ll get written. So, expect the “All of These Things are Just Like Each Other” to be out next week (since it deals with the current week of the GDS2), and we’ll go from there. A friend from my local game store who’s also into design has written

I’ve also got a semi-exclusive announcement from Card Kingdom that we’ll get to in the new year as that ball gets rolling. Yes, it’s pretty cool, and it’s bigger than what you think. We’re still discussing how it’s going to fully play out, but it will be worth it.

Again, if you miss my words, you’ll find me daily on twitter (@MTGColorPie), but I’ve mentioned this enough that most of you should have been made believers about it. If not, I suggest you read this article by @dangerawesome. Already on twitter? Go ahead and say hi. Don’t be shy, or bashful, that’s what the social media is there for: interaction. If we’re having a conversation, or if you have a question, pipe up. We’re all just Magic geeks on there; you might even meet some colorful people.

I’ve got plenty of things coming coming down the pipeline. I’ll continue to write for ManaNation and Quiet Speculation, as well as MTGCP and 99EDH (though that one’s in transition and I’m still trying to sort that one out). You might see me pop up on GatheringMagic every once in a while as well since I love those guys. I’m also looking at redesigning this blog (once again), but just a face lift, not a big over haul.

So while I’m always gone too long while I go away, I’m never far away. I’m here lurking on the intertubes.

2 thoughts on “Ain’t No Sunshine”

  1. For some reason, I missed out on your mananation articles. I’ll be giving them a read soon.

    If you want more frequent updates for this site, let me know. I think I could do some fun, rambling posts about game design. I also had a fun idea you may be interested in. E-mail me or message me at Wizards if you want to chat more. 🙂

    Happy holidays.

  2. Sounds good! I check this site often, and it looks like you’ve got some cool stuff coming in the future! Really interested to read those Design Class articles. Keep on writing, man, cause I love your work!

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