Pick Me Out a Winner, Bobby – A Call for Help for Round 3 of GDS2


What is the secret to your power?



After his precious bat “Wonderboy” shattered, Roy Hobbs turns to the bat boy and has this one request. “Give me a bat, and I’ll win it,” he implies.

While I won’t spoil the end of The Natural for you, I recommend you see it, I’m making this same plea to you.

Yes, I happened to make it to round three of The Great Designer Search 2. Out of (assuming) 2000 people who entered (based on last time’s numbers and a safe estimate), there were 101 to go onto the next round.

But, you can still help out. I actually need your help. You can get your designs seen by people at WotC. Enchantments. Sorceries. Yes, even a Planeswalker.


You should be.

I have to turn in 10 cards by Sunday at “Magic” midnight. I have to design 6 of those cards; 4 of them come from other people’s designs. You want to design cards? Now’s your chance. If you haven’t gone to my Wiki (Click here), you can see the world I’m creating. It’s still in flux for the final details, so I’m going to be busy over the next few days working to get it done.

There’s 2 links on the page: one for crowd-sourcing the planeswalker and one for pitching me cards (they’re both near the top). You can do one and (hopefully) both.

You can’t pitch ideas here. They have to be on the wiki for them to count. DON’T PUT THEM IN THE COMMENTS. Got it? Good.

Again, you don’t have to fit the requirements for becoming an applicant. You can live outside the US; be younger than 18; or, if you’re being really nice, a former employee of Wizards. I want your ideas and opinions.

If you’re not signed up for the wiki, please do that. Up in the upper right, there is a sign up page. Join it (It’s obviously free) and come back to the wiki (bit.ly/GDS2MTGCP). On the left column underneath the art of Sorin and Nissa fighting Eldrazi there is an option to Join Group. You need to do that to add content. You’re joining the Magic Wiki in general, so you can visit other pages, not just mine. After that, you can click on pages and explore. IMPORTANT PART: Once you do that, you can click “EDIT” at the top of the wiki window and add your thoughts. Please put your online name, or First name, Last name initial when you write something. Free free to add comments to other people’s ideas, but DO NOT DELETE them. Let’s be a community and work on this together. If someone’s idea isn’t well thought out, explain why, don’t hate.

I will explain what I’m looking for on each of the pages. Go there, talk about it. You’re free to ask me any questions if you want, but you have to pitch ideas on the wiki. Find me on twitter (@mtgcolorpie or @GDS2MTGCP), on AIM (MTGColorPie on there as well), in the comments down below, or even on the wiki itself. But please, ideas need to be put on the wiki.

Again, I have until “Magic” Midnight on Sunday to get this in, so putting something on Monday won’t excatly help me. Thank you guys so much. If you’re good, I promise to write something on 99EDH for next week.

This weekend’s kinda filled up.


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