Slice of Pie – The Nature of All Things Green

There’s something interesting thing going on with the color Green. This color has always hated artifacts (Yes, even early in Magic history). But, with the first few cards released for Scars of Mirrodin, you can see something really weird:

Really? Green working with artifacts? I mean, a keyword that wants you to have more artifacts, in Green? This is like Dogs and Cats living together. What’s going on?

Green really loves all things natural; nature is king. If anything is unnatural Green wants it destroyed. Artifacts are unnatural so Green should have a ton of fun destroying everything on a planet made of metal. But that’s the issue, everything is metal.

What we think of as nature on this Earth is much different than on Mirrodin. Metal/artifacts are natural there, so the Green beings on that planet are going to be much more in tune with the artifacts on that plane than on ours. These two Green creatures are embracing the nature of their planet, so that fits in completely.

While Green will always have spells to get rid of non-creatures on the battlefield, I imagine that there might be a decrease in that over the next year or so. While the Phyrexians are trying to make everything perfect, I can see them be the enemies of Green for the block. After all, making something perfect is unnatural. So while all the counters are floating around, don’t be too surprised to see Green not get in on a whole lot of fun.

This is been a mostly preemptive strike at people who start complaining about Green.

3 thoughts on “Slice of Pie – The Nature of All Things Green”

  1. Green’s shtick the first time around was serious artifact-hate. It would have been boring to do the same thing again. It was also frustrating working Green into your draft during Mirrodin because so many of the cards actively made running artifacts in your deck bad but there were too many good artifacts not to run at least a few.
    This time we can draft Green /and/ artifacts and not feel dumb. That’s a good thing.

  2. I dunno… Tangle Angler and Putrefax seem to imply that green is getting some Infect love as well… which I absolutely love. Mono-G forever!

  3. In retrospect, we got five colors versus five colors, though black was almost all Phyrexia (and all Phyrexia in NPH). But despite being second on the Phyrexian list, Melira makes infect useless…and gives every creature on your opponent’s side infect. Awesome.

    Actually, it reminded me of a slasher movie:

    Black dude (in this case, well, black) dies first.
    Green is all about, ahem, *cough*Uktabi Orangutan*cough*, so the slut gets done in.
    Then comes the boring nerd nobody likes. Blue says hi!

    At this point, I have to point out they reversed it. Red would normally die next, being the dude with too much testosterone. If you have too much testosterone, whether you express it by going after Freddie/Jason/Michael Myers/that trap from Sleepaway Camp (Please tell me somebody else remembers Sleepaway Camp?) or by playing strip Monopoly with two ladies (who will also die shortly), you’re dead. The virgin survives. (Insert “vigilance means you don’t get tapped” joke here.)

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