Lotus Cobra is Evil – So I Married Primeval Titan…

Sixten describes the backstory:

Back when they were doing the art for the Magic 2011 Core Set, French fantasy illustrator Aleksi Briclot (of ANEYEONI) fell in love with the girl he was assigned to draw, the super-powerful mythic Primeval Titan. He asked her to marry him, and she said yes. They are married happily to this day, even if she occasionally gets drunk and puts all sorts of strange lands onto the battlefield tapped.

And with that, today’s Lotus Cobra is Evil.


5 thoughts on “Lotus Cobra is Evil – So I Married Primeval Titan…”

  1. I really love that cobra series! This one is so cute – really made me laugh… and really made me regret that I don’t have the primeval titan…. ^_^

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