Lotus Cobra is Evil – A.D. 2101

Due to the Fourth of July being on a Sunday, this LCiE is appearing on Saturday. So you don’t get your Sunday morning comics but Saturday morning cartoons.

If you’re on the internet (which most likely you are since you’re reading this, if not, how?) you most likely have heard of this meme. If not, go here. As always, the art of Lotus Cobra is Evil is done by the talented Sixten.

That middle Jace? That’s the Japanese Jace vs Chandra Duel Deck manga alternate art. Hot? Hot.


One thought on “Lotus Cobra is Evil – A.D. 2101”

  1. All it’s missing is the alt-art Jace that came with the hardcover Agents of Artifice, and from the English Duel Deck. You can play five different Jaces in one deck! Exciting!

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