Lotus Cobra is Evil – Induce Despair


First: sorry for the delay in the comic. It was a really long weekend and I kept telling myself “Oh, I can post this real quick when I have a minute.” You get Monday funnies rather than Sunday ones. Second: It looks like Sixten is getting busy as well as he has to focus on other things. Don’t take this as he’s done, but as a break to focus on “important” work. No matter what you think, I don’t have him chained up in my basement forcing him to draw LCiE. When there’s new comics, you’ll get them that next Sunday (really, none of this Monday stuff).

Anyway, enjoy today’s comic. If you don’t get the punchline which is one of the many jokes, click here.


2 thoughts on “Lotus Cobra is Evil – Induce Despair”

  1. Just to confirm: Yes, I have in fact started on the strip that follows this; but I can’t work on it right now because I’m too busy. I will get right back on it as soon as my schedule clears up, which is summer (June) at the latest, May 17 at the earliest, depending on how things work out.

    Thank you for reading Lotus Cobra is Evil.

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