Twitter Game #1: Caption This Image

What would you caption this image?

This is what happens when you don’t follow me on Twitter (@mtgcolorpie), you miss out fantastic contests and games. Sure, there have been better contests on twitter such as ManaNation’s win Revised and Legend’s packs and GGSLive’s contest which has been going on for about 20 weeks (is that thing finally over?). But with this game, it’s all in good fun and coming up with something creative (Aww, isn’t it cute, the little Magic blog is trying to compete with the big boys).

I’ve taken an image which seems to be a “confirmed” (by non-WotC sources, but said they got it from Wizards) for the new set Rise of the Eldrazi. All I asked you to do was to tweet me (or use the #TGotD tag for Twitter Game of the Day) a caption of the image and if you win, you get a signed card by me.

See, in MaRo’s twitter contests you don’t win anything.

Me: 1, Rosewater: 0.

What? They’re challenges? Whatever. I’m putting my own cards on the line here.

Normally I wouldn’t do a blog post on this, but I wanted to share with everyone the great answers I received for this contest. If you guys liked this, then I’ll gladly do more. What’s funny about this is that people saw different things in the image; it’s like a Rorschach test. Some people saw a mushroom, others a crab, and others some very strange things. And now, the captions:

Crabs Category:

cikesef: we have finally found it, men! AT LAST, A GIANT ENEMY CRAB!

manashark: “how many cards will that crab mill?”

Mushroom Category:

kellyreid: recipe: Funghi d’Eldrazi – Butter, Salt, Pepper to Taste, Simmer over 2 red mana, add 1 Eldrazi Gargantua-cap. Dice with Axe.

lunacite “Remember, we need at least one more for the salad, and don’t break the stem!”

metaknightmare: Even though we’re fighting a huge Eldrazi mushroom, I’ve got Umezawa’s Fork! DIG IN!

steve032 “Waiter! I ordered this plane with NO MUSHROOMS!”

teccan9nja “I found dinner boys”

the_stybs “I always hated mushrooms.”

Bad-ass Category:

h2o_ohmalley: “There it lies men. The beginning and the end of our story.”

maintankadin: “Their foolishness is astounding. It is my only hope that their deaths will be more useful than their lives.” – Lilliana Vess

mechtroid: “The soldiers and refugees didn’t know what it was.  They didn’t know what lay inside. They didn’t know what had destroyed their homes, or how to stop it. All they could do was hope to survive an uncertain future.”

Humorous Category:

descripting: “Have no fear! Apparently, its just another object on Zendikar for birds to fly around.”

explosive_donut: “Everyone, put your weapons down! I’m sure it’s friendly. It just wants to hug us!” General Bonkura, Last words. PS: Bonkura is Japanese for dumbass.

rtassicker: “He’s not an Eldrazi, he’s a very naughty boy. Now, piss off!”

stupiddeck: Hark! the bringer of mad beats approachs

treborj60: “Now over there are some Kozilek droppings… and we’re walking, we’re walking…”

Movie Parody Category:

1337boii: Tonight, we dine in Zendikar!

rianad90: “I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse.”

And now we get to the top 4. All of you get a prize. First up, I did this just for Aaron Forsythe:

baconhax: Soldier Captain: “Maybe we should have Cancel’d that!” #iplaycancel #andifiwinyousendmeasignedcancel

Congratulations, you’re getting a Cancel. Hope you’re happy with it.

Next, was an entry that just appealed to me. Yes, it’s one of my favorite Arrested Development quotes, and don’t think you’re going to get away with that every time. It just works, this time.

justnisdead: “I’ve made a huge mistake”

I would’ve also accepted, “Her?”

And finally the top 2 decided that this card, this thing, reminded them of something else:

Welcome to Earf!

Yes, that’s right. The “thing” reminded these two guys of the alien spaceships from Independence Day.

Twinblaze2: The soldiers are approaching what has been agreed to be the front of these creatures, a parabolic indentation 9 blocks wide.

This is the part where the helicopters fly up to the front of the plane and the news reporter says this quote. Obscure, yes, but oh so worth it. Nothing made me smile more than this today.

Not to be outdone, there is this emotional speech:

thephoenix5: We will not go quietly into the night! Will not vanish without a fight! For today we celebrate Cream of Mushroom Soup Day!

It’s funny that no one mentioned Avatar or Fern Gully.

I would like to thank you all for playing this game. The winners are free to DM me on twitter with where they want me to send them their cards. Oh, and what card will I be sending to the top 3? Mushrooms were the top response in this contest, so you all get a fungus:

Now a Fungus Lizard!

Maybe if you guys decided that it looked like a Baneslayer Angel, that would’ve been the prize. Congratulations to all the winners. What was your favorite caption? Think you can do better?

5 thoughts on “Twitter Game #1: Caption This Image”

  1. I am the winner! (Well, one of them.) My Fungusaur is going into the “These aren’t for trade, I just wanted you to know how awesome I am.” section of my trade binder. Thanks MtgColorpie!

  2. “If the gills turn purple in the next 2 hours, then skeeter is right, we are gonna have a great night”

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