Follow Me at PAX, Twitter Style

All for you...
All for you...

I’m going to PAX on Saturday. There, hopefully, I’ll find get all five quests to get into the Magic Party that night and get some spoilers that they will be releasing there. All good, right?

Right (What, no trick question there).

Here’s what I’m planning to happen. I’ll have my phone with me, but it isn’t one of those smart iphones (I’m with Verizon), and I’m not paying for a new phone until hopefully the Storm 2 comes out (My brother says it’s going to be awesome). So I can send text messages, and the camera on it isn’t exactly the best so I can’t upload good pics (I know, I’m living in 1990 with my Zach Morris phone).

So I can tweet from my phone, but I can’t exactly follow everyone on my phone and Twitter doesn’t have it set up where you send me an @mtgcolorpie, I can’t get it. But, I do have it set up to have it text me if you send me a Direct Message, I get it (But if you abuse the power it will be taken away i.e. don’t PM me constantly; be smart, not the internet.) I’ll tweet from PAX and sometimes ask questions if I run into some from WotC (I played against Aaron Forsythe last year (@mtgaaron)) and if I do that this year, I’ll tweet it and see if he’s up for a question or two.

When I get to the party and find the spoilers, I’ll be tweeting what I’m seeing as well including pics taken by my camera (which will go up later that night on this website.) If you want to tell your friends (or rumor websites) about what I’m doing, please do.

Good stuff. So, follow my twitter feed ( and about 10:30ish AM Pacific time, I’ll open it up and we’ll go from there.

First I want to do the scavanger hunt go get into the party, then hit the Wizards booth (I don’t have a Xbox 360, but I’ll see what I can tell you about the new Planeswalker game), then card time (Thumbs up).

If you’re at PAX as well and what to meet up, just send me a Direct Message (duh). I’ll also have name tages to give out as well.

Questions welcome and hopefully everything will go smoothly (and I have no reason why it should).


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