What If Magic Only Had Four Colors? – Intro

Where we're going, we don't need Blue cards...
Where we're going, we don't need Blue cards...

Everyone has always wondered “What if there was a sixth color in Magic?” Ever since the first InQuest article that spread the rumors of it to it almost being in Planar Chaos, adding another color in Magic is a pretty fun thought experiment.

But completely overdone.

Thanks to my blogging friend Salivanth, who I stole the idea from (He’s a tournament blogger while I’m the design blogger, I will write a tournament post to get him back), he touched on it briefly by looking at an very interesting concept: what if Magic only had four colors? What would change in the game? What color(s) would have countering, and discard, and mana ramping?

I’ll take a look at each of the colors as if they weren’t there and who would get what mechanics (the complete opposite of Purple because what mechanics would each color have to give up?). As a bonus, you’ll get some cards from this hypothetical game. But not everything will be a straight pull to another color as some famous cards would have to be multicolor or have certain mechanics to replicate the missing color’s abilities.

Now, just like my Color Pie Project, each color will get it’s own week to disappear.Fist up, we’re going to see what it would be like without White (This time going around our color wheel not alphabetically). What would happen to the order/chaos battle? The “Good” versus “Evil” battle? Would there even be life gain in the game anymore (Hint: yes).

Just to wet your appetite, here is a famous Black card that would be printed differently if there was no Black:

Colorshifted Yawgmoth’s Bargain

Yeah? See you Monday.

2 thoughts on “What If Magic Only Had Four Colors? – Intro”

  1. I don’t think green is needed because white does just about everything green does already. Red gets direct damage, but black also has direct damage (with lifelink.) Black could replace red without too much trouble. So, I could see the game with only 3 colors.

    1. Not sure why I got so many thumbs down, but my comment is mainly theoretical. I didn’t really mean that I want the game to go down to 3 colors. Part of what I said was to imply that green should be improved somehow. It is a bit unfair that white is like green but better. Mana acceleration is one of the only reasons to play green, but other colors were even given mana acceleration in Rise of Eldrazi.

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