If Alara Reborn Art Were Movie Posters

Summer movie season starts next week with Wolverine, and that’s when Alara Reborn releases.  I decided to celebrate my two favorite loves (after my wife): Magic and Movies.  Let’s do some Mash-Ups and see what would happen if some art from Alara Reborn were movie posters:

Every Summer seems to have a Horror Film, and this one looks awesome as if Dead Rising, Alara and George A Romero mixed all in one.  With Romero directing you know there’s some underhanded political message.  It doesn’t matter, it would look awesome.


The next movie is Oscar Bait pretentious material.  I guess they’re releasing it in late summer closer to awards season.  Through the Make-up and CGI we would see if Tom Hanks could actually act his way out of a nutsack.  He might have some tough competition with Mr. Affleck.


Another Summer, another Brett Ratner film.  Let’s see, it’s about two soldiers from different shards who must join together and stop a common evil.  Wow, taking about lowest common denominator.  This idea is so original I’m surprised they didn’t call it Lethal Hour 33 1/3.


As for our final movie, well, it doesn’t really any explanation:


And now the Film Drunk Remix:



…I hate Michael Bay.

Have a good prerelease everyone.

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